Introduction: Slinky on Stairs

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This is a set of cardboard stairs designed for a slinky to descend. The height and width work, but questions remain. Would a taller step distance be better? Would a more narrow tread be more reliable? Could you curve this by using little walls to contain the slinky?







Step 1:

I took a cardboard box that was available and marked off steps, 4 inches deep and 4 inches high.

Step 2:

Cut two sets of these runners.

Step 3:

Cut four steps according to the dimensions shown.

Step 4:

I just peeled back the 1/8" cut on each step--no need in trying to cut that off.

Step 5:

Insert the slots on the steps into the runners. The stairs should stand by themselves.

Step 6:

Put glue on the top and place a step there.

Step 7:

Create a 4 inch by 5 inch "box" and glue it to the bottom rear of the stair assembly. This makes the system more stable.

Step 8:

Let your slinky run! If you make two of these, you can place one on a chair and let it lead to the second unit.

Step 9: Slinky on Cardboard Stairs

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