Introduction: Small Caliber Prop Guns

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This is my first instructable and I didn't take to many pictures I'll try to take more in the future but this is so self explanatory that I don't really need more pictures.

Step 1: 6.00€ of Supplies

Black spray paint Silver model paint Those cheap little see through waterguns you get for 1.00€

Step 2: Last Step

Spray the water guns black Now refine the parts you want silver with the silver paint If you want the guns to look more like metal, take a tissue dip it into the silver paint an very lightly brush over the gun for the metal effect.

Step 3: Final Word

I hope my first instructable was helpful and... Well... Instructive. Maybe there are better ways to do this but it's simple, fast and effective. Don't forget to sand the guns before painting though.