Introduction: Small Tardis That's Bigger on the Inside

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The Tardis is probably my favorite part of Doctor Who. It symbolizes hope and adventure. I decided to make a model, but I wanted the signature aspect of the Tardis--bigger on the inside--to be part of it too. After some thought and some research into what others have done (VR, box with mirrors around it, mirror wedge inside), I decided to simply use one mirror and a photograph.

Step 1: Materials

Cardboard or thin wood (see laser printing instructions)

Tardis blue paint (I used acrylic, but spray paint would probably do well)

2 Tea lights

9.5 x 4.75 photo of Tardis interior

9.5 x 4.25 flexible mirror sheet (Amazon)

Misc: ruler, pencil, paintbrush, glue, psychic paper, gluestick, paper, printer, toothpick, sonic screwdriver

Step 2: Cut Out Pieces

For the exterior, I used a laser-cut Tardis model by markp on thingiverse: I sized it up 200%, printed it as a poster, and cut the pieces out of cardboard by hand. I made a few modifications to the design: I left the base piece intact, without the large square cut out; I removed one of the small holes in the base piece where the open door is (actually I covered it up with tape later); and I cut a door out of one of the panels with the windows. If you decide to laser cut your Tardis out of wood, be sure to add these modifications to the file. If you cut it out by hand, use an X-acto for the fine details, like the windows.

Step 3: Assemble Your Tardis

Follow the directions included in the model. Don't attach the roof yet. The door should be wedged in place, but not stuck in place yet.

Step 4: Paint and Add Signage

I used acrylic paint. I watered it down a bit to get inside the edges of the cardboard. Don't attach the roof yet.

When the paint is dry, print the signage (do a Google search or design your own) and paste it on with gluestick. Glue plain white paper inside for the windows.

Step 5: Prepare Photo and Mirror

Cut the photo and mirror to size. (see materials step.) I got the photo off of Pinterest, and I figure this is fair use. I printed it with a nice color printer on normal paper (glossy doesn't work well with the illusion). Try placing the mirror and photo inside the Tardis as shown. Look through the door to test the optical illusion.

Step 6: Perfect the Illusion

Find where the photo needs to meet the mirror so that the room inside appears round, and mark it. Take the mirror and photo out, and tape them together along the one side. Crease well. Fold the photo back and crease well the other way. Replace in the Tardis. Add tape on the edge of the photo that is near the door to keep it in place. Find the best place for the door to sit, then tack the door in place with the tip of a toothpick.

Step 7: Finish Assembly

Push the next roof piece into the pegs. The rest of the roof will just sit on top of this piece. Add a light in the top and one shining from the Tardis ceiling. I'm not good with electronics, so I'm sure there is a cleaner, prettier way, but I just used two tea lights, one stuck through the top and one taped to the ceiling. I snipped off the tip of the candle flame so it wouldn't look so much like a candle.

Step 8: Admire Your Work

Not too bad for cardboard and a mirror! I hope you enjoyed this instructable. Please post a picture if you make it!

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