Introduction: Soft Smokey Eye

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This look is great for a sexier look. Its so soft and dark and great for a night out or even date night. Hope you enjoy xxx

Step 1:

So you are going to want to prime your lids first. You can do this by using a primer but I like to use a concealer and then set it with a off white eyeshadow. Its a cheaper way as these will be things you already have.

Step 2:

Then you are going to want to apply a beige colour to the crease of your eye and going to be your transition colour. This is going to help all the other colours blend easier and look softer. Then with a darker shade of brown you want to do the same thing.

Step 3:

Then with the darker brown shade if you take a flat brush and apply this to the outer corner of the lid and then blend this out to the crease.

Then with a darker purple shade apply this on the outer corner on the lid again and but not as much as the brown you have just done and then blend this out until you are happy.

You can then keep adding and blending until you are happy.

Step 4:

Then with a shimmery gold shade apply this to the lid and blend it into the outer corner.

Step 5:

Then with some liner apply a wing to your eye. Then your mascara and lashes. If you prefer not to wear lashes than this is OK.

Step 6:

To the deepen up the crease add a tiny amount of black to the outer crease and then just blend this all out once again until you are happy.

Step 7:

Then with the darker brown shade apply this to the lower lash line to bring this all together and then also apply this to the waterline as looked a bit bare.

And that is the look. I have a tutorial on the full look linked in if you want to check this out.

Thank you so much xxx