Introduction: Soldering Easy Peasy

Hello ...

today i would like to explain electronics soldering process .

as new to electronics you may think soldering is complicated or dangerous


Let's see :)

Step 1: Materials and Tools

  1. Soldering iron (if fixed wattage iron i prefer 40W irons ) (if soldering station 350C or 650F is good temprature for circuits )
  2. Solder alloy wire
  3. soldering assistant (paste or rosin aka kalafonia)
  4. wet soldering sponge
  5. PCB (strip board or any kind you prefer )
  6. some component to try solder it
  7. wire cutter

Step 2: Preparing Soldering Iron

first use

we have to make sure our soldering iron is pretty good conducting much heat to soldering tip

so if the original tip is not ceramic it's better to replace it with ceramic one "actually it's aluminum based tip"

but we call it ceramic tip here in egypt.

after replacing the tip now we have to tin the tip for first use

heat up your soldering iron and fuse some solder wire on the tip until it fully covered and shiny .

Step 3: Preparing the Pcb and Components

Now we are ready to solder

but we need to check everything is great and ready

we have a pcb want to solder something on it so we have to make sure it's clean and no oxidation or something else stick to it's surface because this things will give you bad results after soldering process .

so it's ok to clean it with dry dishes scrub or if the board is new and no components on it clean it gently with dishes soap and scrub then rinse it and wait until it dry .

make sure traces needed to solder are shiny

Step 4: The Soldering Process

Ok now we have everything ready

let's start to solder

the first thing to do after heat up the soldering iron is cleaning the soldering tip

do you remember our soldering sponge ?

yes just wipe the tip on it until it get shiny

apply a little bit of soldering paste on your PCB

then add your component

"this step should be done very quick"

but your sodering tip on the pcb trace you need to solder grab solder wire with your other hand , heat the trace for 2 seconds and get in with solder wire then get out

you should pull the solder wire before pulling the solder iron

the whole process shouldn't take more than 5 seconds

cut the extra pins with wire cutter

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