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In this instructable, you will learn to solve a 3x3 Rubik's Cube !! lets get started :)

Step 1: Coffee

Grab some coffee, it will lighten your journey. Let the games begin!

Step 2: The White Cross

The white cross is the first step. get the the white side pieces aligned with their color as in the picture on all sides.

This step is pretty straightforward and does not need algorithms.

Step 3: An Algorithm

An algorithm is a set of moves to do on the cube.

F is the front face

B is the back-most face

L is the left face

R is the right face

U is the top face

D is the bottom face

If you see this command, it means to turn that face clockwise. If it has an i next to it, turn that face counter-clockwise ( example. Ui )

Step 4: White Corners

Get the corner in place with like colors like in the photo and do this algorithm.


Until the corner is white on the top.

If your corner is in the wrong place, put a yellow in place of it with the algorithm.

Do this with all the white corners to get a solid white top.

Step 5: The Second Layer

Turn the cube so the white face is on the bottom and align the correct side piece on the top like the gif.

If it needs to go to the right (like the gif) do this algorithm:

U - R - Ui - Ri - U i- Fi - U - F

If it needs to go to the other direction (left) than do this one:

Ui - Li - U - L - U - F - Ui - Fi

Step 6: The Yellow Cross

Do this algorithm with the yellow as a one dot to achieve a hook (see pic 2) in a row.

F - R - U - Ri - Ui - Fi

Do it again to get a three in a row

And again to get the cross (see pic 3)

IF you already have one of these, continue from from there.

Step 7: The Yellow Top

If you have a yellow corner (any color) on top, put it in the left side toward you and do this algorithm:

R - U - Ri - U - R - U - U - Ri

If you have 3 on one side, put it in the back and keep doing this until you get a solid yellow top

Step 8: Aligning Yellow Corners

Put same colored cube toward the back, or diagonal left to right.

than do this algorithm:

Ri - F - Ri - B - B - R - Fi - B - B - R - R

Than the corners should be with the right side.

Step 9: Last Step

If you have one side done completely, put it in the back and do the algorithm, if not you'll get one.

Do this algorithm until the top is solved.

F - F - U - L - Ri - F - F - Li - R - U - F - F

Step 10: Complete!

Yeah!!!! you did it.

If this seemed hard, you may want to search youtube for other variations. There is no one way to solve it, so there may be one easier for you.


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