Sonic Face Paint (Having Someone Else Paint My Face!)

Introduction: Sonic Face Paint (Having Someone Else Paint My Face!)

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So I decided to ask someone else to paint my face. This is Captain Deckhand and he has never painted a face before. I have never let someone else paint my face before. This is a little odd, but I hope you guys enjoy! I am not going to take screen shots but I will list what he did. This was more for fun then anything else!

Step 1: Outlined

He used white cream paint to outline what he wanted to do. (at this point I didn't have any idea what he was doing)

Step 2: White

He filled in the white of the eyes with white aqua paints from wolfe effects. (Still had no idea what he was doing, my guess was glasses)

Step 3: Blue

He then used blue aqua paints from wolfe effects to go around the face, leaving the mouth clear. (I thought at this point it might be sonic but I wanted to belive it was glasses. haha)

Step 4: Tan

Using a tan cream paint (white/tan/yellow mix I did for him when he said he wanted tan haha) and he filled in around the mouth. (This threw me off and I didn't know what I was again, I forgot sonic had a tanish mouth)

Step 5: Black

He used black to fill in the pupils and outline the look as well as add the mouth. He also used a little green cream makeup to go around the pupils.

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