Introduction: Spider Catcher

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Hi everybody, on this instructable, I will build a spider catcher. Why? Because my wife is scared by spiders, and I don't like black traces on walls... and they will be happyest outdoor.

Are you effraid by spiders ? yes ? Hack your life !

Step 1: Components and Tools Needed

Tools :

- cutter

- manual drill (optional)

- glue (glue gun is welcome)

- tape

- pen


- 2 plastics bottles

- a stem (wooden skewer, metal ...)

Step 2: Pierce the Stopper

To begin, pierce the stopper in his center with the manuel drill (or with a cutter but caution !).

The hole should allow the turning stem, no more.

Step 3: The Chamber

To make the chamber (which will be the cage), cut the bottle:

The height of the bottle should be less than the length of the stem, of a way that it exceeds a few centimeters through the cap.

Now cut the bottom of the bottle, leaving about 3 cm high.

Then, cut a little less than half of the bottom (the red area in the picture).

Step 4: The Mechanism

Now cut the bottom of the 2nd bottle, leaving about 2cm in height.

Cut the bottom obtained in 2.

Pierce the center of this background and that of the chamber.

Made pass the stem in this bottom, and paste, leaving about 0.5cm exeed.

Step 5: Assembly

Finally, put the mechanism in the first background, close with the first part, close the stopper.

Tape the 2 parts of the bottle (it would be a pity that it opens with a spider inside :D)

Step 6: Catch a Spider !

Note: dosen't work with Spider-man.

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