Introduction: Spirograph on Scratch

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Today, you will be making a spirograph on the block-based coding site Scratch.



Scratch with the pen extension

Step 1:

Open the Scratch interface, either offline or online. I did this project offline.

If you are creating this online, use this link and make sure to sign in to keep your work.

If you do not wish to use the Internet, make sure you have downloaded and installed Scratch Desktop.

Step 2:

Add a sprite. I used a ball.

Step 3:

Create the following variables:


Rate of change (moving) // how much x changes every time the cat moves


Step 4:

Define a block called setup


erase all

pen up

go to center // x = 0, y = 0

pen down

set pen color red // Color = 0, Brightness = 100, Saturation = 0

set (variable) x to Rate of change (moving)

Step 5:

Define a block called draw (steps) (degrees) (rate of change)

Draw (steps) (degrees) (rate of change)

move (steps) steps

turn right (degrees) degrees

change (variable) x by (rate of change) // the my block variable

change pen color by 1

Step 6:

Create the following code

When green flag clicked



draw [variable (x)] degrees rate of change (moving)

When I receive (message) draw // create new message

draw [variable (x)] degrees rate of change (moving)

When I receive (message) clicked & responded // create new message

stop other scripts in sprite


broadcast (message) draw

Step 7:

In the other sprite (in this case the ball), create and define the following blocks:


ask (New rate of change) // the question in parenthesis so it is not confusing // and wait

set (variable) rate of change (moving) to answer

ask (New degrees) and wait

broadcast (message) clicked and responded

set (variable) degrees to answer


erase all

go to x; 173 y; 142 // not necessary*

Step 8:

Create the following code:

When green flag clicked

go to x; 173 y; 142 // *reason why not necessary

clear // my block


wait 0.1 seconds

next costume // not necessary

When this sprite clicked

clicked // my block

clear // my block

Step 9: Time to Test!

Steps 9-11 will be the testing phase.

But a reminder: I suggest using Turbo Mode because I tested it regularly and it took FOREVER! But in Turbo Mode it took less than 10 seconds!

Step 10: Setting With the Ball

I set the rate of change to 0.1, and the degrees to 35.

Step 11: The Result

And a reminder: it took less than 10 seconds because I used Turbo Mode.

P.S: This isn't a perfect spirograth. When the "drawing" sprite (in this case the cat) eventually touches three (or 4) borders in a row, then it starts messing up. The right border will most likely be the third border touched by the "drawing" sprite.

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