Introduction: Credit Card Holder on Tinkercad

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This is how to make a credit card holder using Tinkercad.

The link is here:


You need:

1. Internet access

2. Tinkercad

Step 1:

Get a box out and resize it to a certain size. I resized it to 25 mm by 40 mm by 5 mm.

Step 2:

Get a box hole and a cylinder hole out.

Step 3:

Resize the cylinder hole to 5 mm by 5 mm or less, and align to the middle of the solid box.

Step 4:

With the box hole, resize the thickness to about 1 mm and raise it so it will be approximately in the center in height of the solid box.

Step 5:

Put the box hole in the solid box, put half widthwise in the solid box, and resize the length so it's bigger than the solid box.

Step 6:

Make any adjustments to the pieces before grouping. I resized the cylinder hole widthwise to 7.5 mm. Then group. Then resize if you want. I resized it lengthwise to 50 mm.

Step 7:

If red is not what you're going for, change the color. I changed the color to black.

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