Introduction: Star Cluster Pendant

I wanted a reasonably simple and versatile craft project that could tie in the with the summer reading theme of a universe of stories. I'd seen something like these before, but never a how to. So after some fiddling I found one way, I'm sure there are plenty others :)

Once you get a hang of this style, you can downsize to 4mm beads with 7-8” 24 ga wire for matching earrings. If you use drop shaped beads drilled across the top, you’ll get a flower!

Step 1: Materials

-22 ga wire

-8-10mm round beads (solid colors seem to work best)

-needle nose pliers

-wire cutters

-round nose pliers

-nylon nose pliers (optional but useful for straightening any mistakes)

Step 2: Making a Cluster

-String 5 10mm beads onto 15” of 22 ga wire.

-Form a loop towards one end of the wire, leaving a 1 ½” tail. Gently pull tight so the beads touch-the wire will be visible between the beads.

-Bend the shorter wire so it’s sticking straight up from where the wires cross. This will be the bail. (Bail=loop at top) The longer wire is going to make the star.

Step 3: Starting the Star

-The long wire goes over the short wire and across the beads, making a diagonal line. (Aiming for the valley between the beads.) From there fold under and behind the loop of beads and across.

**This is like drawing a five point star, except *around* the beads, so it’ll need to be done twice to complete the star front and back**

-Over and across again, then under and across. One more over and across.

-Halfway through now. Looking through the center the front and back wraps combined make a star.

Step 4: Finishing the Star

-Follow the same over/under route until the star is complete on both sides.

**I keep a scrap of paper close to doodle a star if I get myself confused on which angle to bend next**

-Completing the star will leave the wire pointing up beyond the top of the piece, next to the shorter bail wire.

Step 5: Making the Bail

-Make a loop with the shorter wire about ¼” above the top of the beads, bending the tail down and trimming it to be even with the folded end.

-Wrap the long wire around the base of the loop to hold it together. Decide which side turned out better, that’s the front!


-Cut the wire flat against your wrap in the back to finish.

-OR don't cut just yet if you want to make a spiral.

Step 6: Finishing Option-Spiral

-Trim the tail to 1 ¼.”

-Using the round nose pliers, make a tiny loop at the end of the tail. With the flat nose pliers (pad them with tape if handy) roll that loop up to the center to make a spiral.

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