Introduction: Steampunked Halloween Lantern

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Hi everybody

Some days ago I found a very old and rusty Feuerhand-Hurricane-kerosene lantern. The glass globe was broken but the mechanical parts are top.

The brand name „Feuerhand brought me to the idea to reactivate this lantern and modify it in an steampunk way for halloween. Instead of using kerosene and an open (and of course dangerous) flame the lantern should get an electric flickering candle bulb driven by 3 Volts (two AA-batteries) So it is portable and safe. The whole project is very simple and esy so you`l need about 5 hours for all. If you take a brand-new kerosene lantern you might need only two or three hours;-))))))

So if you like follow me into my steampunk lab you will see in which way I have done it.
The movie gives you a short glimpse but in reality the flickering light is much more impressive.

OK let us start with this funky halloween steampunk project!!!

Step 1: Scrape the Rust

Do not get shocked, obout the rusty look. To clean up the metal surface I took a wire brush in an drilling machine and several pieces of steel wool. If you use a machine protect your eyes with safety glasses and wear leather gloves to avoid accidents.
It took me about one hour of brushing the surface. As you can see the lantern still looks old and used. To fix this vintage look you can wipe the lantern with a little bit of vaseline after everything is done.

Step 2: Prepare the Tank

In this step we have to prepare the tank for the electronic installation. First we have to turn off the burner element. Now we see that the hole is very small. To make it bigger we have to cut the small ring with a pincer away. Then I used different metal-files (a round and triangle one) to cut the inner metal sheet five times. After this work you can push the tin parts carefully with your fingers inside the tank. Now the hole is big enaugh for the electronic parts.

Step 3: Integrate the Switch

When you look at the top of the burner element you see the middle part with the wick in.The 4 arrows schow you where to cut teh metal with the pincers and then the whole wick mechanic is separated.

Now you see in the surrounding ring a small hole for the wick srew mechanic. With a roundfile you make this hole bigger so that the switch fits in. Thats it. Then you drill a 2,5 mm hole in diameter for srewing a 3,0 mm brass screw in to connect later one wire for the electronic.

Step 4: Adjust the Candle Bulb

To screw in the candle bulb in you have to file up the mouth as you see in the following pictures. Do it very carefully because the bulb has to sit very tight

Step 5: The Electronic Parts

The electronic I used is the same like in my other projects with using CFL or neon glow bulbs. But I also want to show you some more details eg. for insulting the whole electronic. I normally use a miniature film can made of PE as you can see in the pictures. It is only necessary to melt some holes in the bottom and top for the wires. The electronic perfectly fits in the can.
Another detail ist to solder the switch in the red wire line (plus) to the battery (low Voltage circuit). Insulate the soldered wire ends to the switch with a shrinking hose. Make sure that the bottom contact of the candle-bulb (high Voltage circuit) is also insulated against the metal parts of the lamp to avoid high Voltage shocks!!!

You can use some melting glue or a piece of tape.

Step 6: Put All Togther

Now you can fill the tank with the insulated electronic, wires and the battery holder. Screw the ring with the switch on and put the glass globe in its holder. Then screw the candle bulb in and solder the red wire of the high Voltage circuit to th bottom contact of the bulb.

Step 7: Start the Light:

And now your steampunked flickering halloween lantern is ready to use.
Enjoy your halloween have fun and thank you for following to all.
Yours Aeon Junophor

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