Introduction: Stencil #2

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In this quick i Instructable I will show you another simple way to make your own Stencil in an extremely decent amount of time with just a few materials. thanks for checking out my instructables and as always it is much appreciated!!

Step 1: Gather Materials!

Most likely all these materials can be found within arms distance. excuse my crappy pictures, but all you will need is.....
1. paper
2. marker
3. Tape
4. razor
5. ruler (i used an old gift card)

Step 2: Start and Finish!

First off you want to find a nice thick piece of paper normally a pre laminated one like the same material as flyers that get handed out for concerts and whatnot, they last much longer. silly description :/ next figure out what it is you want to stencil and start drawing your pick on the piece of paper. once you have drawn your stencil you can get ready to tape up the front and back as if it were getting laminated

Step 3: Cut and Paste!

in the final step after drawing and taping, you can get your razor or exacto knife and cut out the pattern you chose. Feel free to do a few layers of tape to keep your stencil durable and sturdy. when you're done put on the wall, paint and enjoy. thankss!!