Introduction: Stitched Ear, Earring Alternative

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I was 16 when I got my ears pierced for the first time. On the ten min walk home I decided paying someone to shove earnings through my ear was a waste of money, and by the end that of week I had given myself 13 earrings in my left ear and 5 in my right. As an athlete I quickly needed a solution for the season because taking that many earrings in and out for each game quickly got old. This was an easy solution that worked then and I still wear today when I want a different look.

This may take some practice but it is a super cute earring alternative.

Step 1: Supplies

All you need is:


Super glue (I'm using super glue gel, it just takes slightly longer than regular super glue to dry)

All natural hemp twine which is available in almost any color you could want.

-You can use any thread material you want as long as it doesn't irritate your ear and must be thin enough to fit through your earring holes.

Lastly a simple paper clip.

Step 2: Cut and Unravel Your Twine

First you want to cut yourself about 6-8 inches of twine. Your ear will require less than that but the longer length is easier to work with. When you look closely at your twine you will see it's made of smaller threads wrapped together. Twisting the end in the opposite direction that the threads are twisted will help it fray. From there continue to separate until you have individual threads to work with.

Step 3: Glue + Hemp = Built in Needle

Taking one at a time add a small amount of super glue to the end of one of your threads. Then using your paperclip as a knife spread the glue thinly all around your thread end. You want to avoid too much glue in one spot as it can make it too thick to get through your earring hole.

Do this one at a time to all of your thread.

Hang thread so your super glued end can dry undisturbed. They will be dry in only a few minutes.

Step 4: Pick a Thread

When your threads are dry take a close look at them. You want your glued end to be straight and fairly strong. If it bends easily it will be difficult to put though your ear.

Pick your best thread.

Keep track of your glued end so you don't accidently damage it.

Tie several knots in the same spot on the other end of your thread. (knot as many times as it takes to create a knot big enough that it can't go through your ear. This knot will be your stopper)

Step 5: Start Stitching

Using your hardened end of thread as a needle push the hemp through your earring hole.

Grab the hemp from behind your ear and gently pull until your knotted end is at your hole.

Step 6: Keep Stitching

Bring your hard end around your ear and insert it into your next hole.

Continue doing this for as many holes as your have.

Step 7: Skipping a Hole

If you do want to add an earring or two just simply skip the hole you intend to use and keep stitching.

Step 8: Knot and Trim

When you've done all the holes you want just tie a knot as close to your ear as you can and CAREFULLY (no one needs an accidental hair cut) trim the extra hemp.

Step 9: Enjoy

That's it. Put in earrings if you skipped a hole or two and your new ear look is done.

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