Introduction: Stone Mountain Ring

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You need a File and vice, thats
it weeeeell and matirials …. I mean just generally everyone needs a vice and a hammer and a file and a saw I guess...

What You need (for real)

A Drillpress or you drill several holes around the perimeter with a normal drill and file the Inside

A File or Files


Stone power or you powder your own stone

Metal (I would recomend Brass, because Stainless is to much work and Aluminium is kinda …. well) I Use a Hacksaw for pretty much everything

A Hacksaw

a Vice, You always need a vice, for everything


Step 1: Drilling the Hole

Drill a hohle in the right size or
drill several holes around the perimeter with a normal drill and file the Inside. I took a 8mm piece of brass. You could use water installation stuff like old water taps. Most are very massive.

Step 2: Shape a Form

I sawed and filed some „mountains“
in there and made the whole thing a little taperd. I made a cut out for the Stone layer later, so that there isn´t stone all the way around and there is no to thin layer of stone..... Also file the edges.

Step 3: Preperation for Glueing

There is always fat or oil on
everything. You can etch it of or sandblast it of or burn it of. I perfer Buring, because I don´t have a Sandblaser and I don´t trust acid. When burning, you need to make the whole thing hot, but not so hot that it oxidizes so much that there is scaling. 300-500 C° should be good. Just point a Burner in the general direction and don´t make it red hot (thats my plan).

Dan Gelbert can explain it better in the video above

he says no CA glue but for that purpose its fine

Step 4: Glueing Stone Powder on That Thing

(diffrent kinds of powders look best
because it looks a little like patterns in real stone) First CA glue on the part you want the Ring then dunk it in stone powerder then put so much CA on that thing that its wet inside and out then Dunk it in a diffrent powder or the Same... or trinkle a little in diffrent places.... do that until you have build up enougth. The Ca does need a little to harden so you can take a knife to it now and be careful or sand the shape later and sand a little more. If there are mistakes -holes- just fill it with some more stonepowder and Glue.

Step 5: Sanding and Polishing

…. You get it

Step 6: Alternatively

Alternativly you can also just turn a
Ring with place for Stone like in this picture.

Here I used Stainless (I think its Important to use diffrent stone powder in order to mimic real natural stone)

Is there a cheap stone that I can pulverize and that is colored in some interessting way and that isn´t toxic ?

the video above is how I made it

Step 7: The End

If someone accually does that or is
inspierd by that, let me know I reallly want to see If you use Instagramm tag me @astjaeger otherwise send me a message here or a commet, whatever... Email me if you want

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