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This project will show you how to make a DIY string-art band/logo clock. I made this as a gift for my teenage daughter who absolutely loves The Offspring. I wanted to make something she could use, display, and enjoy every day. So, I made a Clock. At the time I was into the whole string art craft, so I thought to myself, “Hey, why not put it all together.” That is where the inspiration for this project came from. Enough about the why let's get to the how. This project is simple enough to be completed in a few hours, depending on the complexity of your design and your specific skill level. So let’s get this project going, shall we?


  • 12-in Birch Circle Radius Edge Birch Board from Lowes $7.98
  • Grip-Rite 1-in 17-Gauge Steel Panel Board Nails (6-oz) Lowes $2.98
  • Acrylic Paint in colors of choice
  • Multiple size paint brushes
  • Colored Floss in colors of choice
  • Ruler
  • Hammer
  • 1/16 size drill bit and 3/16 size drill bit
  • Drill
  • Clock mechanism
  • Sharpie or pencil for tracing the image
  • Design or Logo printed and cut on copy paper
  • Clock pattern printed and cut on copy paper

Step 1: Deciding on Image/logo/design of Clock

Once you have decided on your image/design for clock its time to print and cut it. Try to ensure that it will fit your clock, simply because its easier to make your marks. I made mine fit inside the clock but made sure that I had at least an 1¼ “ inch space around the outside for the string art part. I printed a clock template as well to be able to quickly mark the spots around the clock, and to be sure my image was centered. Once you have the images cut out, place it on the wood and use a pencil, or sharpie to draw your outlines. Start with your clock, then you should be able to find the center easier and place the image. Draw your outline.

Step 2: Find the Center and Drill Your Hole

Now you want to find the center again, mark it clearly. Once you have the center you now will drill the hole for the clock mechanism. Make sure to place the clock parts to see if they fit correctly, and that they will run smoothly once installed. Adjust your hole as needed to achieve this. Do not install clock yet, only ensure the fit and functionality.

Step 3: Drill Your Starter Holes

Now, you should have the clock minutes and seconds marked all the way around your wood. What I chose to do was take a very small drill bit and make tiny holes at every mark. These holes are going to be used for placing the nails. They will make it much easier and faster when placing the nails. Be sure not to use a bit larger then the nail your using, if you do then your nails will be loose and it will be impossible to do string art. Also, make sure when drilling you only go into the wood slightly. Remember your only making these to use as starter holes for placement.

Step 4: Painting and Decorating

Here comes the fun part, painting the design onto the wood. I chose to use black, blue, yellow, and a silver paint pen. I put black around the outter edge to make the floss pop when applied later on.

Step 5: Hammer in the Nails

Now grab your box of nails, and begin to place them. Choose to do this step on a flat surface, I found the concrete works very well. I then took my nails one by one and using my starter holes I placed a nail in each one. Now if you made the holes correctly you should be able to push or set each nail in enough so that they can stay upright without holding it. After setting each nail I took my hammer and using enough force to push the nail in but not so much force that it goes all the way in, hammer each nail. Make sure that your nails are as close as possible to being the same height as the rest. You also want to ensure that the nails are straight as possible. Do this for both the outter edge and the inner.

Step 6: String the Floss

Now after your nails are placed securely its time take your floss and string it around your clock. If you are new to string art or not this step is actually quite simple. Start on one nail ( I chose to start on the bottom nail) take the floss and tie a knot around the nail. You want this knot to be nice and tight, a simple overhand knot should do. Now you can begin to string it all the way around using both sets of nails. When you reach the end of the nails tie your knot tight as possible without breaking the floss. You might also want to tie this knot on the underside of your string. Once that is done, I chose to take black floss and make a border around the inside circle and then the same on the outside circle. Also while stringing the floss try your best to keep it all nice and tight throughout. You do not want it to be loose at any part otherwise it will sag and look yucky. Now you should have an almost finished product.

Step 7: Install Your Clock Mechanism

Now its time to install the clock mechanism. You want to make sure that when installing the clock you put fresh batteries into it, and never mix old ones with new ones. Once you placed the clock parts, your clock should begin to tick. Now you have a beautiful Custom DIY Band/Logo String Art Wall Clock!

Step 8: Hang Your Clock and Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this Instructable. This is my first time creating one and I hope it was easy to follow. I really liked making this Instructable and hopefully, I can make more soon. I am always doing DIY craft projects and I would love to share them with everyone. Thank You for taking the time to read this and I hope you love your Clock as much as my daughter does.

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