Introduction: DIY Ribbon Wedding Invitations

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These wedding invitations are as beautiful as they are unique! If you're a crafty person and want to create some of these wedding invitations, it only takes a few items and a bit of time. The results are worth it!

Step 1: Materials for Ribbon Wedding Invitations

Materials Needed:

  • One sheet of canvas paper (sold near painting supplies at craft stores)
  • A variety of ribbon spools in different colors (my flowers were all 5/8 inch wide ribbon)
  • A large craft sewing needle (upholstery needles work well)
  • Cross-stitch frame (I used my rectangular one which came with my embroidery machine)
  • Wedding invitation cards (the ribbon design will be glued to the top of it)
  • Glue or Modge Podge or some type of Adhesive

Step 2: Creating the Ribbon Flowers

First, take out a sheet of canvas paper and fit it into your cross-stitch frame. It doesn't matter if you have a round one or a rectangular one like mine - as long as it is large enough. My card ended up being approximately 6 by 4.25 inches. So after fitting the canvas sheet onto the cross-stitch frame, I then used a ruler to draw a rectangle close to those dimensions (I made it a bit larger and trimmed it after it was all done). After doing that, you are now ready to begin creating the flowers.

Take out the needle and thread it with a piece of ribbon. You'll most likely need to fold the end in half or three times to fit it into the needle. You can then tie a knot on one end - or you can leave it loose underneath. The back side will be glued later so it's ok if it's not knotted. Once done, you can start from behind and carefully push the needle and ribbon through to the front. If tough to do, then use the pliers to carefully pull it out. Or you could make things easier and use something to punch a hole in each spot you plan on pulling the ribbon through, then putting the needle through it. Once in the front of the canvas, go up about an inch - more or less - and push the needle back through to the back. Use your finger to give the ribbon some slack and continue creating little ribbon flowers this way. After making a few flowers, I then changed the ribbon color and created some with that ribbon. I left space in the middle and bottom area for the stem.

Step 3: Adding the Ribbon Stem

Next, I took out the green ribbon (and this ribbon is an inch wide) and used the same method to create the stems. Too add little stem pieces or leaves, you'll need to cut a few small pieces of green ribbon. Then create a hole where you want to put it and push the ribbon through the hole (with the needle or pliers works too) and leave one end sticking out. Be sure to trim the end with the scissors. You can also sew pieces on if you like - which is what you can see I did in some of the photos. But it was easier to just poke the holes and push ribbon through. It's totally find if the ends aren't secure in the back of the canvas. You will be gluing the canvas to another piece of canvas paper - so it's ok if it's not super secure back there.

The last thing I did was take a piece of thick white ribbon and go across the center of the stem with it.

Step 4: Gluing It Together

Now that you're done, you'll need to do some gluing. You might be fine skipping this step. But, I glued the completed piece onto another piece of canvas paper. I just used some basic rubber cement glue - as that's what I had on hand. I then set some heavy items on top of it and let it dry. Once that was dry, I then took out the actual card - which would be the wedding invitation and I glued the finished piece onto it. Then I set some heavy items on top of it and let it dry again. Finally, trim off any excess or edges that may be showing or not flush with the card. And you are done with your unique, artistic and beautiful wedding invitation!

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