Introduction: Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup

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White face paint

black eyeliner


pink eyeshadows (can use any colour)

1. First you are going to want to moisturize your face. I used baby oil as this really helps dry skin. then prime your face so the makeup stays all day.

2. Then using the white face paint you are going to want to apply this all over your face making sure there is no patches and is an even coat.

3. Then using an eyeliner I drew 2 circles around my eye and blended the black out so it isnt as harsh. I then go in with a dark pink and blend this further. I then use a lighter pink to blend the dark pink and apply a really light pink to the lid. This helps create a gradient blend.

4. I then go back in with the black and pinks until I am happy with the colour

5. I then applied some mascara and applied eyeliner to my waterline and created a winged look.

6. I then filled the inside of my lips with a black and come out either side of my mouth and created like a large smile. I then drew lines from the smile and drew teeth.

7. I the still using the eyeliner drew on a nose. I just went around my nose at the bottom and drew an arrow at the top.

8. Then for the forehead I drew and line from the middle of my brows to the top of my head and then done the same on either side of the line which created the start of a cobweb. I then drew lines in between the lines to finish of the cobwebbed look.

9. Then using the pink we used for the eyes I shaded this along side all of the lines we have just drew. This helps give it a shadow.

10. I then drew a black line along my cheek bone and then blended this out to give a contoured effect. I then went over this with the pink too.

11. Finally I drew a shield shape on my chin and colored this in. I then went around it with a pink to keep with the look.

I hope you like this look :)

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