Introduction: Sun Dried Crispy Lentil Chips

- These lentil chips are crispy and made using black gram.

- These chips are sundried and stored in air tight container which are perfect for summer.

- We can fry them whenever needed.We can eat them as snacks or as accompainment with rice.


- One cup black gram(urad dal)

- One tsp cumin seeds

- salt as per taste

- Cooking oil

Step 1: Procedure

- Take about one cup black gram and rinse under running water. Soak in water for 5 hours.

Step 2: Blend

- After 5 hours remove water and transfer black gram to blender. Add little water and blend to thick paste.Batter should be thick

Step 3: Add Cumin Seeds and Salt to Batter

- Transfer batter to bowl.Add one teaspoon cumin seeds,salt as per taste to above batter and mix.

Step 4: Spread on Polythene Sheet

- Take some polythene sheet or some cloth and place it in your lawn where their is lot of sunlight.
- Now take the batter and spread as small dumplings as shown in my images.
- When they are almost dried you can easily remove from sheet.Transfer them to plate and dry for one more day.

Step 5: Sun Dry Them

-Sun dry them for 2 to 3 days till they are dried completely. when they are almost dried remove them and transfer to plate and dry for one more day.

Step 6: Frying

- Heat oil in wok and once oil is heated add sundried chips and fry them till they turn brown color.

- Enjoy these chips as accompainment with rice or as snacks.