Introduction: DIY Embossed Pendants!

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It feels great to wear handmade jewelries and feels greater when you make your own jewelries :) In this instructable I'll show you how to make embossed (look alike!) gold and silver pendants in 5 easy steps. I'm sure you'll have fun making these pendants.

Lets start!

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make these pendants you'll need:

  1. Card-stock paper,
  2. Pencil,
  3. Scissors,
  4. Glue,
  5. Awl,
  6. Jump ring,
  7. Gold acrylic paint,
  8. Stones.

You might also need pen or pencil and paper to draw some designs for the pendants.

Step 2: Making the Pendant

Take a piece of card-stock paper and draw 5-6 circles of the same radius.

Cut out the circles with the help of scissors.

Glue the circles together to create a thick pattern.

The pendant needs to be black. In case you use card-stock paper other than black you'll have to paint it in black.

After the paint dries, use an awl or anything pointy to make a hole on the pendant for attaching a jump ring.

Step 3: Preparing White Glue Cone

Take a piece of thick polythene paper and cut it into a square shape. Start rolling the paper from one corner to form a cone shape and use a small piece of scotch tape to tape the sides. Make sure that the hole on the cone isn't too big, otherwise you won't be able to make detailed designs. Fill half of the cone with white glue.

Alternative: You can also use white glue tubes. To get thin design I used clear tape to make a small cone on the tube as you can see in the last picture of this step.

Step 4: Designing the Pendant

Before starting to design the pendant you can draw some designs on a piece of paper. If you're not familiar or used to making designs using cone, then you should practice a little. Be sure that you're ready to get started!

Carefully and slowly press the bottom of the cone and design the pendant as you want. Too much details might smudge the whole design, so be careful.

Once you're done designing, allow the white glue to dry. This might take some hours.

Step 5: Final Touch

After the white glue dries you'll need to apply a coat of gold acrylic paint on the pendant.

Dip your finger into the gold acrylic paint and apply it over the designed pendant. After the paint dries attach a jump ring to complete the pendant.

Wasn't that fun and easy? You can make pendants of different shapes and also use silver or metalic acrylic paint

Enjoy :)

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