Super Simple/Solar Water Fountain for Kids

Introduction: Super Simple/Solar Water Fountain for Kids

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This is the shortest and most probably the easiest instructable I've ever made. But sure it is the most rewarding and fulfilling. That's because I made it for my kids and they loved it a lot.

On a hot summer day, I came up with this simple idea.

I brought this water pump from Amazon. This is a submersible type pump. It means that you can safely put it inside water. You can get it from eBay. Or Aliexpress.

Then connected it to this DC power supply adapter., Aliexpress

Then I put the pump into this plastic box and fulled it with water so it became submersed with water.

Now it is ready for you to play with it with your kids.

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Update 17June2016: Solar Powered

I had a solar panel here from Amazon , Aliexpress and I wondered if it could power the little water pump it would make an awesome green project.

So I tried to add a solar panel to this fountain so it can be solar powered and no need for the DC adapter or wall outlet.

You don't need to connect or weld any wires. Just use these alligator clips , Aliexpress to connect the solar panel to the water pump.

And it worked just perfect.

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