Introduction: T-Knife: Meat Knife From T-Bone Steak

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Hello dear friends, this is Filippo from Italy.

Today I'm here with a question.

What's the coolest thing you can do?

Riding a dragon while guitar playing through Jupiter? Maybe.

Destroying a missile with a single flying kick? Not bad.

Devastating a mountain only with the power of your fist? Also good.

Eating your meat with a knife carved out from a steak bone? Absolutely! :D

In this super easy guide I will show how to reach this incredible level of manliness (and girly coolness, too!) in few simple steps!

Amaze your friends during BBQs with your new, great Wolverine-like weapon!

You will not need much for this project:

  • T-Bone Steak of the right shape
  • Outdoor Knife
  • Sand paper (80-240 grit)
  • Pot, water, salt

Ok dear friends, let your beards grow and start this awesome project!

Step 1: Obtaining the Raw Material

Ok, I think we don't need a lot of words for this.

Simply devour your T-Bone Steaks until you find a bone of the right shape and size.

Eat steaks that are not too thick and not too thin, to obtain the perfect bone!

But, the bone still has residual of fat, flesh and blood inside.

We have to clean it perfectly!

Step 2: Boiling It

To clean the bone inside and outside, boil it for at least 30 minutes in hot water.

Use a lot of salt in water, it helps to clean the surface and purify the bone from organic residues.

You can also add a bit of vinegar to the water, which "destroys" the first layer of the bone.

During this phase, the color of the bone will change to a "more white" one.

After boiling, take it out from the pot with a ladle and put it in a dry place.

The best thing to do is to put it under direct sunlight (preferably in a hot day) in the morning and continue working on it the next day.

In this way, the bone has at least 24hours for drying.

Step 3: Clean the Surface

Now it's time for the first cleaning session.

Before using sand paper, we have to remove the first, coarse layer of material (like last remnants of flesh and skin).

The blade of an outdoor knife comes in handy.

Scratch it perpendicularly to the bone, this will remove a lot of little brown and white pieces.

Continue until the bone is completely cleaned from this residues.

Step 4: Sanding With Strenght

Now, the second cleaning.

We will start using an 80 grit sand paper. Be patient and pass it on the bone many times, until you're sure that there aren't any pieces of flesh or meat left.

If we left some kind of remains, our T-Knife will soon become stinky! Gross! :P

Pass the 80 grit paper on ALL the surface.

After that, optional but suggested, we can also use a 240-250 grit sand paper on the bone to obtain a smoother and more comfortable handle.

Step 5: Creating the Blade

This is the most important part.

We have to carve the blade out of the bone itself.

For this phase, the outdoor knife is your best friend.

Start by carving out the blade on one side of the bone, slowly, carefully but firmly.

Remove only few pieces of bone at every passage, to be sure to obtain a better result.

Then, flip the bone on the other side and start carving in the opposite direction.

This cross action will sharpen the blade quickly, it's only a matter of inclination and precision.

Test the blade on a tissue or passing it slowly on your finger to feel the edge of the blade.

Step 6: Now You Have Your Knife! Use It!

After some carving, your T-Knife is finally ready.

A weapon, a knife, a symbol of power and manliness! :D

Try it with chicken breast, another T-Bone or sausages!

Cut your meal with a meat-flavored knife!

Prepare a BBQ with some Magic Rub Dust and then sharpen your bone blade for a glorious banquet!

Hope you like it my friends, have a fantastic day!

From Italy, this is Filippo.

Ciao a tutti!

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