Introduction: Tammy's Version of the Crashed Witch in the Wall

Let me first give credit where credit is due. I got this idea from a web page from Dave Lowe. See the link below.
His witch of course looks much better than mine, but I don’t think it turned out too bad.
Anyway here is my list of stuff I used
Black foam board $3 (1 large one or 2 medium ones)
Witches legs from Plow and hearth $15
Green swim noodle $1
Black cheesecloth type of fabric
Spray paint – the color you want to use to match the wall you will hang this on$14 I used the expensive kind but I suspect any kind will do
Small witch’s broom
Pieces of wood – I used ¼” x 1.5 x 12” long broken into pieces about 3-6 inches long (the more broken looking the better)

Step 1: Cut Your Board

Cut an oval shape out of the foam board I made my about 20” x 28”

Use the extra leftovers to cut out angular irregular shapes.  I set them around the edge of the oval until I had enough to cover the way I liked.

Step 2: Paint

Step 2 spray paint all the irregular shapes whatever color you chose. I did an off white for mine you could also (before paint) spray it a texturing material if you like for a more realistic look... Once the paint is all dry (did front and back) you can hot glue them around the edge of the black oval. At intermittent areas you can clue on the broken sticks

Step 3: Step 3

Step 3 assembles all the pieces and hot glue on.
Cut the green pool noodle into the appropriate length to fit in your witch’s stockings.  My witches stockings have the shoes built in so I had to stuff some fiber fill into the shoe part so that it would be stiff. I then put the noodle into the stocking.  I painted my noodle a green because I wasn’t smart enough at the time to figure out to just buy a green one...  Once you have the stockings on the noodle you can start to glue see step 4.  Make sure you glue the legs with the shoes facing down ( another little tidbit I figured out after I hung the thing up)

Step 4: Step 4

Step 4   now you can start gluing I glued a piece of the black cheese cloth to the middle of the black oval. I glued the middle of the cloth to the middle so that there would be some cloth that would be draped over the witch’s legs, Next glue the witches little leg stumps on, next glue the little broom on.I broke the broom just because thought it would be cute

Step 5: Last Step

Last step it to persuade your husband to hang it up for you.  If you get tired of waiting for him to do it  (like I did) you can do it yourself.  I just nailed a nail through the top of the foam board into the wall.  Again make sure the witches shoes are facing down so it looks like she is in the wall facing down.
And the final product

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