Introduction: Tandoori Gobi(Baked Cauliflower)

Tandoori Gobi serves as a great starter or even as a snack.As it is baked in oven it requires very less oil and is very healthy.It is also a best camp food.

Ingredients required :

1 cup Thick curd

15 cauliflower florets

1tbsp tandoori masala

1/2 tsp garam masala

1tbsp red chilli powder

1tbsp coriander powder

little ginger garlic paste

salt for taste

All spices can be adjusted according to your taste

For Garnishing:

onion slices

tomatoe slices

green chillies

capsicum slices

Step 1: Method of Preparation:

-Add a cup of curd to muslin cloth and hang over for about 30 mins. In this way we remove all the whey and get thick curd.

- Take a vessel and add water to it. Add salt. when water comes to boil add the cauliflower florets.

-After 5 mins strain the water and cool the florets.

Step 2: Marination:

-Remove the thick curd from the cloth and transfer to a bowl.

-Now add all spices Red chilli powder(1tbsp),garam masala powder(1/2tbsp),coriander powder(1tbsp),tandoori masala(1tbsp),ginger garlic paste,pinch of turmeric powder, salt as per taste.

-mix properly

-Now add cauliflower florets to curd spice mixture Add 1 tbsp oil and mix so that cauliflower florets are nicely blended with the curd and spices.

-Marinate for 1hr.

Step 3: Baking:

-preheat the oven to 200 degrees

-Transfer the florets on to baking tray.

-My florets were of 2 diffrent sizes. I placed large florets on the wire rack and small florets on the tray.

-Bake for 25 mins at 200 degrees.

-when they turn brown in colour remove them. This can be served with a salad.

-squeeze lime juice and serve hot.

-For extra spiceness you can even sprinkle chat masala powder.

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