Introduction: Target Sunburst Decor Copycat

I love Target's decor section and really like the sunburst decor. It is made or metal rods being welded together. I was thinking - I can make this myself with the bamboo skewers leftover from the tailgate party!

Step 1: No Way I Am Paying That

I am a cheapskate so I am not going to shell out $10+ for a decoration. it is actually Pretty easy to make. However, the final product is pretty flimsy so it is a decoration only, not a toy.

Step 2: Things You Need

10 Bamboo Skewers

Garden shears or similar tool that can cut the skewers

Sand Paper

Super Glue

Spray Paint (optional)

about 1-2 hours of your time

Step 3: Cute the Sticks

First cut off the pointy ends of 10 skewers, then cut them in half or whatever length you desire. I cut it in half so to save some time.

Step 4: Sand the Skewers

You will notice some skewers peel really badly, discard them.

Sand the rough ends until smooth

Step 5: Stick Together

Now just use your imagination and some super glue to stick them one at a time.

I use the gel type of glue so it will stick better. Keep gluing until you achieve the desired look.

If you are going for a beach theme then you can leave it as is. If you want a different color then spray paint it like I did. Now put it on your desk and admire it. You just saved $13 bucks!

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