Introduction: Tape Roses

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This instructable is about tape roses. They’re fun to make and they’re pretty. You can make this with duct-tape if you wish, but for this instructable I use packing tape because I wanted that “clear” look.

Step 1: Materials Needed

You will need some tape, a pair of scissors, and a ruler.

Step 2: Cut a Square of Tape

I used 2.5 cm squares of tape, but you’re welcome to use bigger squares.

Step 3: Fold One Corner in on the Sticky Side

Not all the way but fold it to wear there’s some space on both sides

Step 4: Pick Another Corner and Fold It Down

Your piece should now have 1 strip of tape at the bottom that is very important. Make sure that this little strip stays as sticky as possible!

Step 5: For the First Piece, You’ll Need to Curl It Into the Shape in the Pictures

I actually put an extra piece of tape to secure it.

Step 6: Make Another Piece and You’ll Stick the Next Piece Onto the First Piece But Remember That the Tips Are the Flower Petals

Make as many petals as you want making sure that the petals are spaced out. The last picture is 4 petals so I won’t have any more pictures until the final product is made.

Step 7: After Making a Bunch of the Tape Petals, It Should Look Like the 1st Picture

You can stop making the petals when you think your flower is voluptuous, but make sure that you tape the outside of the flower. This will secure it.

Step 8: YAY!!! You Did It!

Thanks for reading this instructable.

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