Introduction: The Complete Collabororative Knex War Guide

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A realistic war guide, by knexers that know what they are doing, for knexers that suck at knex and fail at life.

Step 1: Tactics

Ok, tactics. 

Well first of all it depends on your gun, what works for a Tr18 probably won't work for a Wrectangle, but here's a few general tactics, we'll get to more specialized tactics a bit later on.

-Neverlet your gun run out of ammo, as soon as there is cover reload.
-Work as a team, you can only shoot one person at a time, so if two or three of you attack one person at a time you have a higher chance of success.
-You are not Chuck Norris, do not even try, you will fail.
-Make your shots count, don't just fire off your gun randomly, aim.
-Don't charge a group of enemies, doing so will result in failure, or death, possibly both, unless your gun has a high ROF (Rate of fire) and a lot of ammo.
-If you are going to pick up ammo off the ground, do it when there are no enemies around.
-Ambush your enemy while he is reloading.
-Use all available cover to your advantage.

Step 2: Assault Weapons

Assault weapons are quite a big part in a K'nex war, as they use some features that make the gun easier to load, handle, and run around with.

Here is a list of  some awesome assault weapons for war: (These are not in order)
  1. Z35 K'nex Assault Rifle -Made by Oblivitus
  2. T.B.A.R (Thunder Bolt Assault Rifle) -Made by Killer~Safecracker
  3. Dutchj's assault rifle -Made by Dutchj
  4. TR18 -Made by Killerk
  5. AR-4 v3 by DJ Radio
  6. ZKAR by Zak
  7. KAST R3 -Made by Shadowninja31
  8. K'nexsayer -Made by Mepain
  9. Oodammo assault rifle -Made by Alien terminator
  10. Dtab - Kinetic
  11. logic bow - Logic Boy
  12. tank bow - kNeXFreek
Information and tactics for some different weapons:

The K'nexsayer-
The Knexsayer is a gun made by Mepain, and is one of the most popular knex guns around, because as well of it's awesome looks, it also features range, power, and accuracy. The Knexsayer is a monster of a gun, with an 8-round turret at the front which allows for easy loading and firing and a strong pump on the bottom which gives easier ram pull-back, which all together make this an amazing war gun. 

The  AR-4 v3-
The AR-4 v3 is a gun made by DJ Radio, a very popular mid-long ranged assault gun within the regions of Instructables, and possibly off the site too. The AR-4 is a bolt-action gun which provides range, power and accuracy. The AR-4 is a recommended war gun by quite a few people, as it uses and easy top-loading hopper, which gives this gun optimum performance and reliability in a war when you are in need to reload if your mag is not yet empty.  (I, DJ Radio, Did not write this paragraph, someone else did)

The ZKAR, Knex Innovation's counterpart of the AR-4 v3, is a gun designed by Zak.  This gun comes with a 10 round fixed mag and a true bolt action mech for optimum reliability and power.  This gun has advantages/disadvantages over it's counterpart, some advantages it has are faster ROF, and iron sights, while some disadvantages are that it has longer reload times, and is more prone to breaking than its counterpart.

The Z35 K'nex Assault Rifle-
The Z35 K'nex Assault Rifle includes many features, such as: A breech one-shot detachable magazine, firing rod guide, a folding lock-up bipod, a sliding chamber door and much more! However, you don't really need a bipod or a chamber door or a safety in a knex war.  This gun does come with a removable clip, which means it makes the list.

The TR18-
The TR18, one of the best war guns you could possibly use, it is a simple tube + stick gun, which gives it optimum reliability. From experience, I know that this gun is very accurate, powerful, and has awesome range. The main feature of this gun is the sweet 18-round self-turning turret attached to the front of the gun. A highly recommended gun for war.

The TBAR is actually a dual function knex gun, it is both an assault rifle with removable mags, and a slingshot sniper, both can be activated from the same trigger. 


Step 3: Single Shots

Single shots are still used in knex wars because if designed right, they never fail, they shoot farther than other guns, you will never have to refill a magazine or turret, and when used in a team with other assaulter's, you have the perfect combo.

A few single shots I would recommend (please insert links and descriptions)

Killerk's pistol
The Not a Rectangle (Aka the untangle), although I would ban it if it used over 9000 bands.

Tactics with single shots:
- Single shots have low Rate Of Fire, so your best bet is to hang back behind everyone else, and snipe   everyone.
- If you are having a one-on-one war, you won't want to use a single shot. If you do, it's going to mean a lot of running on your part.
- For the same reason mentioned above, only use a single shot if your teammates have assault weapons.
- Choose the most accurate team member to man a single shot.  Since the main role for someone with this weapon is to hang back and snipe, accuracy is paramount.
- Be sure to have an ammo holder of some sort.  Personally, it sucks when ammo pokes your hips or butt when its in your pocket.

Step 4: Cannons

There is another group of weapons that are not commonly used at wars. Most of the time the cannons are banned due to their power. They are very powerful and can do a lot of damage. They have a medium to long reload time but are devastating when used properly.

Usually you have a choice when it comes to size.  Bigger knex cannons are more powerful but have much longer reload times and are also difficult to carry.  Smaller size knex cannons are not as powerful but you can reload faster and they are more portable.  If you have bases and stuff you should lean towards bigger cannons, use them as mounted guns near the flag.  Normal death matches and stuff should mean you use smaller cannons.  And I would not recommend cannons for a free for all match AT ALL. (Unless everyone has them, in which you should all wear protective gear)

Step 5: Guns for Different Enviroments


Well this is the section where you go to and find what is right for where. Well obviously as explained in previous steps pistols are good for short range, assault rifles are for medium, and single shots/slingshots are good for distances above 100 feet.  If your hiding and shooting use a slingshot, for the ranges and because they are silent.

Going up close? Use a ZKAR. It hurts and has better ROF than any pistol. Medium range weapons are probably your best bet. They get good ranges going from 50 feet to 80 feet (but 80 is rare for a repeater). Okay like at pandemonium 09' they were playing at a park mostly at a jungle gym TR's and oodammo pistols are great for that. In a forestry area use a slingshot and sit back with lots of ammo and shoot.

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Step 6: Game-specific Tactics

Right, OKgun. Withs a hard step to cover, but it should be good.

For a Capture The Flag game, you have to keep moving and pretend you don't have the fag. If necessary, send in a decoy to pretend to have the flag while you quietly sneak around the edge carrying the real flag.  Also, try developing code words for your team to show you have something while not letting the other team know.  (example: Yell out "DEEZ NUTS" to show you have the flag)

WIP - JamalamALAMALAMALAMALAMALAMALAMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Free for all game: Move around a lot, as mentioned above, but remember that you are on your own and you should not trust anyone.  Keep a gun with you that has either really quick reload times or an option to reload when the mag is only half empty.  If you think you will be rushing people a lot, use a gun with the fastest ROF (Rate of fire)possible. So pump action guns are great. 

Team Match:

Step 7: Rules for Games

There is one thing that is alike in all games for a war. You use the honor system. If you don't follow the rules you won't be liked much, and may not be invited back.  The rules may depend on the war and the person whose hosting them, but this is general:

Rules for Guns and Ammo: For the most part any gun is allowed. But guns that shoot over 100 feet are normally not allowed, unless the playing area is rather large. (Would you want you get ht with the SR-V2 at point blank?). As for the ammo anything is normally allowed except for sniper rods, except if the gun the sniper rods are used for is generally inaccurate with anything else except oodammo.  Really large caliber ammo (Cannon ammo) and the guns that shoot them should not be allowed. 

Also, you are out if a shot hits your gun. 

Rules for Capture the Flag: The rules are basic for this game. When you get hit, you must follow the 15 second rule.  If you're hit, you are out for 15 seconds. It's as simple as that. Each player will have unlimited lives unless the host specifies otherwise. If you, the flag, or the gun you're carrying get's hit, you're out, the flag is dropped, and can be picked up by anyone.  If the other team recovers their flag, they must return it to their base. 

Rules for Free for All: Free for all play uses the 3/15 rule. If you get hit you're out for 15 seconds. When that happens three times you're out for good. I advise that you use the 15 second you get to reload. When you're hit, raise your gun up in the air to show that you are hit and move away from the action.

VIP: First I will explain a 3 person game. One person is the VIP, another person is the bodyguard, and the other one is the assassin. Obviously the assassin is trying to kill the VIP, but the bodyguard is trying to kill the assassin so the assassin must defend himself against the bodyguard. The VIP doesn't get a gun, like a real VIP . So what's the fun in being the VIP? He has the greatest risk, and it is awesome to go out of your fort, get ammo, and dodge assassin bullets. Oh yeah! Forts! The assassin gets a fort, and the VIP and bodyguard share another. I guess you could play it without forts but I have never done it. The two should get a better fort than the one. If the bodyguard kills the assassin, or if the assassin kills the VIP, they can chose to be either of the three people. But, if the assassin kills the bodyguard, he still has to kill the VIP and the VIP gets the bodyguards gun.

With four people, there are two assassins, with five people you add a body guard, with six people you add another assassin, etc. You never add another VIP, although you might add a vice one. This game is great.

By Killer~SafeCracker and others

Step 8: Our Choices

These are the choices made by the collaborators. Post your choices if you wish but they will not be put up here.

Let's conclude this ible by telling you what guns we'd use and why we'd choose them. But make your own choices, you don't have to use our options, try your own style!

Notice how everyone so far has picked at least one turret gun and at least 1 oodammo pistol. These types of guns have been proven to work at knex wars, that's why they are picked. ____________________________________________________________________________
Logic boy:
Primary 1 - Gen 2. HAWC bow
Reasons - compact, durable, easy to use, better range and reliability than the original L bow, plus mods allow it to be fired at a similat rate to the ZKAR, if inaccurately.
Primary 2 - difficult choice, either a ZKAR or TR18, depending on the battlefield.
Secondary 1 - Single shot pistol.
Reasons - Awesome range and power, easy to whip out and fire, no need to reload a mag, good for assassinations.
Secondary 2 - my mini oodammo pistol
Reasons - just because it can fit into my pocket and it has decent power for its size.
Primary A - BAW
Reason- Overall just a very simple and reliable gun. It has enough range for small indoor wars. The removable magazines gives it a nice advantage over most other turret guns.
Primary B - Zak's Turret Bow or the like (not posted)
Reason- If I really needed the extra range then I guess this would be my next choice. It simply has the range to beat the BR series which I would suspect to be the most popular choice.
Secondary A - Silent Pistol (not posted)
Reason- It was simply a modified OodAst3 pistol that was designed to fire black/clear rods. The result was a highly accurate, somewhat ranged, and pretty silent gun. Seeing how reloads wouldn't be a problem with the BAW I'd use this on unsuspecting targets for an small element of stealth if needed.
Secondary B - Oodassault Pistol V3.6
Reason- Higher cap magazine than the MeZak or Jackal v4 (12 max, compared to 8 for MeZak and Jackal v4), faster mass reloading via clips than the EAP and Hell Slayer, and still just as reliable as the above simply makes it the best in my mind.
Primary A - TR18
Reason- This is a great gun over all. It has a high ROF and a large mag capacity.
Primary B - TR8 (no official instructions for the turret, but it is easy enough)
Reason- This is almost the same as the TR18 but it's smaller.
Secondary A - TJOS
Reason- It's a good powerful gun that has a quick reload.
Secondary B - EAP
Reason- It's a powerful gun that has a large mag capacity and can also use clips for fast loading.
DJ Radio:
Primary A : TJOS

This gun has insane ROF (It literally sounds like a train in Zak's videos), so it's good for CQC combat, which is my style in a war.
Primary B : Untangle
This thing is the most powerful gun I have EVER built. The custom ironsights I made for it plus the range and ammo it uses makes it an excellent sniper weapon.
Secondary A : TJOS

Has removable clips for >5 second reload times, and good power and range
Secondary B : TR pistol thingy (not posted)
It has the same power and performance as the TR, but get this: it's smaller . Ain't that a *****?
Primary A- TR18
The TR18 has awesome range and power, aswell as a high capacity magazine and a high ROF and a reliable trigger and turret.
Primary B- K'nexsayer
Awesome range, awesome power, awesome design, awesome pump, awesome trigger... painful ownage! :-)
Secondary A- TJOS
This pistol has a fairly nice range, and for a very small gun it shoots quite far and packs a punch, also has quick reloading times.
Secondary B- Jackal v4
Strong design, reliable trigger, awesome range. Also features removable mags with safety so you can carry the mags around for a quick reload when under attack without worrying about ammo spilling out.
Primary A- Knexsayer
Yes its a piece hog but its powerful at the same time of being versitile(Meaning: it can be used in multiple places for long to medium range)
Primary B -The Untangle
All im going to say is that it can kill someone
Secondary A- MeZak
Powerful exellent range and accuracy with ease of loading with bakenbitz stripper clips
Secondary B -The Desperodo
All around versitile awesome pistol that gets killer range for 3 #64s
Primary A - TR18
Powerful, High Cap Turret, Easy to mod, Cool.
Insane Power! Very accurate!
Secondary A - TBOS
Decent range, small, and overall pretty good
Secondary B - another oodammo gun
Most of these are really good
The Knexfreek
Primary A: TR18
reason: high ROF, great range, 18 rd turret, reliable
Primary B : The tank bow.
OMG. HUGE.pump action mag fed slingshot.
Secondary A: TBAP
its made by killersafe cracker. ENOUGH SAID.
Seconday B : The assasin.
its a wonderful powerful Turreted pistol.
The Jamalam
Primary A -TR18
Powerful, High Cap Turret, Easy to mod, Cool.
Primary B - OMEN-XR
Great range and compact
Secondary A - TJOS
Decent range, Removable clips with high cap
Primary A - TR18
Very powerfull and accurate, you can also modify it to your liking.
Primary B - ZKAR V2
Very powerfull and insane fire rate.
Secondary A - MeZak
Very powerfull and accurate, and a tilting magazine for fast reloads.
Secondary B - WASP
Very good fire rate, great for CQB.