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This is The Experiment, named because it's the first of my swords to use a non wooden core, something that should increase its strength by a lot. Occasionally I try not to "do everything" to a sword. That is not this sword.

About the core rod: I found an online supplier and ordered both 4mm fiberglass rods and a 3mm square carbon fiber rod to try out. The carbon fiber is stiffer and much lighter than the fiberglass. It should be stronger, too, which is why I got 3mm instead of 4mm. I used the one (it's pricey) carbon fiber rod on this sword. The fiberglass, on the other hand, is much twangier, and also heavier. A lot of people find my swords a bit too lightweight, so if you're someone who likes your weapons a little hefty, by all means, try out fiberglass. Do be aware that heavy means you'll need more padding.

If you want to know more about how I made this, I made an I'ble that explains the methods behind it.

UPDATE: A lot of stuff has changed! The black line on the blade is sparkly black, but I forgot to photograph that. One of the gears changed, the jewels are way cooler now, and the handle is completely redone.

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