Introduction: The Headless Woman Illusion Costume

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  I saw a costume like this online and wanted to try it.  I didn't spend much money at all, most of the items I already had at the house.

Step 1: Step 1

  Most of my large costumes like this start with paper mache. I have a 1/2 mannequin that I use for the form. I first spray it with food release so it doesn't stick and then cover it with paper mache.  After a few layers, drying in between it should pop right off. I then filled it with batting from a pillow and duct tape the back closed.

Step 2: Step 2

I then put the form into a backpack and duct tape it in. This is the most important part because it has to hold the entire costume. So I had to make sure it was very strong. I used a free standing mannequin the entire time I made this costume. It would have been very hard without one. I put the backpack on the mannequin to make sure the form was at least a head higher than where my head would be. I covered the form in fabric, which later I realized wasn't necessary because there are so many layers of fabric over it anyway.

Step 3: Step 3

I used a Styrofoam head to show where my head would be when I wore the costume. I put a crinoline over the wait of the form that would sit on my shoulders. it's on backwards so it left some extra room in the front. I glued the crinoline all the way around the form.

Step 4: Step 4

I used a ton of sheer fabric and just kept glueing and wrapping it around until it looked like a dress. You could easily use a fancy dress and just add some length to the bottom of it. I try to use what I have to keep the cost down. Long sheer curtains would be perfect for this as well. I had some gold trim I added and ribbon. You can see in this picture where my head will be right in the front. I even  added a beaded necklace. I glued everything down with hot glue.

Step 5: Step 5

Finishing touches and securing everything. It's difficult to put on and takes a lot of moving around so I wanted to make sure it wasn't gong to come apart.

Step 6: Step 6

And the easy part.....all the4 blood. I didn't want the whole thing bloody so I tried to add it right down the front where my head would be and of course where my head should be. I tried the fake blood but it seemed to fade to pink. So I came up with a mixture of gel red food coloring with a little green gel food coloring to make it a bit darker. I mixed it with a fabric hardener and applied it with a paint brush. I used a bunch where the severed head it to harden the whole thing. And then just added it wherever it looked good. Then I though, wow, I'm done, that was easy.  But I realized I forgot the arms lol So I ended up hand sewing some arms on, no big deal. I used some white gloves I had and sewed those to the sleeves and to eachother. I stuffed them with tissue and added more blood.

Step 7: Step 7

  I tried it on several times throughout the process to make sure it was comfortable. Its not bad at all. Once you find the inside of the dress from all the layers you simply put the backpack on and your head through the hole. I later cut slits in the dress to put my own hands through but you can't see them at all. Thanks, hope you like it. This is on our website

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