The Key to Animating

Introduction: The Key to Animating

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The one key to Animating is have a space with no shadow.
Follow these thing not to do when your animating!
1: Do not have stuff in your background when animating!
2: Do not have shadows in your background when animating!
3: Always Do Not have lots of empty pictures in your animation!

Step 1: Basic Animating

When doing basic animating have just 1 thing in your background like a mini bridge or a car dealer like that.
Follow the pics to get a basic animation! Remember: Basic animations maybe a bit long

Step 2: Intermediate Animating

Welcome to intermediate animating! You need to have something like a car mat so you have more background to the scene.
Animating that I'm doing in my pics is like a cop chase with cars watch the pics to see what it's like!

Step 3: Pro Animating

Well you have made it this far well there 2 animations to this one.
One is very short because it's a example of one the 2th one is more detailed like your in your car you go off a cliff AHH! HELP! Then you find a big bouncy thing!
So you try and land it saving your life and your car so you safely go back home.

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    6 years ago

    I made a cheap N easy studio backdrop from some foamboard, tape, and glue. (mostly tape) I have made some... interesting still photos- I am going to do test animations later on for what will be (for me) a major project. Not so much the project, but who I hope will get to see it.

    I need smaller lights, tho. My setup is to the point of 'sneeze, and you'll destroy the entire area'.

    It's a simple, 3 walled small stage that I leave bare, and with some practice, I should be able to move the objects, and create the illusion of movement, instead of actually moving them across an expanse of stage.

    I had a similar setup with a desk with a white wall behind it, but it ended up with a computer plopped in the middle of it now.


    7 years ago

    Now everyone can start animating!