Introduction: The Life of Glory Lily Flower : a Nature Watcher's Diary

When I noticed a grass-like plant growing under the lemon tree in our home garden, I thought it was a weed. But my father, who is well aware of many plants, told me it was Glory Lily plant, Botanically known as "Gloriosa superba" which will have very beautiful flowers soon. So I watched this plant everyday and kept a photographic record from the day I saw a bud emerging up.

Step 1: The Buds : Days One and Two

I will count days from when I first saw the bud emerging from the plant. The first photograph is on Day one. On the second day, I noticed another bud was also coming out adjacent to the first one.

Step 2: Day Four

Both the buds grew out with long slender stems

Step 3: Day Six

The pale green petals of the first bud started to open up.

Step 4: Day Seven

You can see the partially opened up buds facing downwards from different angles

Step 5: Day Eight

The petals elongated to an almost horizontal position. The edges of the petals also turned slight red in color

Step 6: Day Ten

The elongated petals wrinkled up lightly. The change of colors also highly visible on the petals

Step 7: Day Eleven

The petals gradually arched backwards, the colors sequencing from pale green at the bottom to yellow at middle and scarlet red at tips.

Step 8: Day Twelve

Perfect...!!! The stamens gracefully spreading outward around the petals and the flower was in its peak

Step 9: Day Fourteen

The colors darken on the petals. The second bud was also coming to full bloom

Step 10: Day Sixteen

The petals of the first bud is almost red in color and the stamens were drying out. The colors of the second bud was darkening.

It rained for almost two days. When I visited the plant after two days, the petals dried and fallen off from the plant.

Glory lily is a medicinal plant. This plant also contains a highly toxic Alkaloid known as colchicine which is fatal to humans if consumed.

Hope you will like my Photographic record of the life of Glory Lily flower

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