Introduction: The RamRail Oodammo Rifle

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This is a concept rifle inspired by the Innovation Challenge for a SlingShotgun, but it doesn't fill that role.  Rather, this weapon uses a rail system to propel a ram to high speeds over a distance longer than that which can be achieved in a conventional ram rod gun, generating more kinetic energy to be transferred into the projectile and hence the target.  Basically, this concept has the potential to outperform even the turret rifle series in terms of raw power and distance, and this is my best effort to date.  I tried to make it as compact and economical as possible without sacrificing comfort or performance, and the result turned out to be one of the most powerful K'nex guns I've ever made.  Anyway, you're here to build it for yourself, not listen to me sing its praises, so on with the instructions!

One last thing: it was damn near 2 in the morning when I made this 'ible so I only had my iPhone camera to hand.  It suffices for the instructions but I'll definitely be updating with some sexier shots from a decent camera to show the weapon off more for those who don't want to build it but want to see some better pictures.

Step 1: Main Body

So here we make the main chunk of the weapon.  Follow the on-image tags CAREFULLY as there are some places where I made small mistakes in the pictures.

Step 2: Handle and Stock

Pretty easy to be honest.  I really like the stock I made for this weapon, but I have a funny feeling I may have plagiarised it off someone.  I can't remember seeing it before but the concept seems familiar.

Step 3: Top Rail and Front

Most of you could make the rail with your eyes closed, I'm sure, but be careful with the front.  This is the bit which holds the oodammo and takes the force of the ram each time, after all.  If you build it wrong it could easily turn from a rifle into a shotgun, which is spectacular but a little impractical.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

So by now it's looking about done, and with good reason.  Only a few last bits to do.