Introduction: The Ultimate Cat Toy

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Today I will teach you how to make the ultimate cat toy it is very simple and you can add whatever you want to this it is just a simple design. (do not use real bird feathers use craft ones!!)


All you need for a simple cat toy is: a stick of some sort (I used one from my backyard) feathers ribbon string and yarn.

Step 1: Cut a Decent Amount of String of and Attach It to the Stick

I used about 36 inches and you have to make sure you have it tied on nice and good.

Step 2: Take You Yarn and Tie It So It Makes Some Sort of Pompom/tassel Thing.

For your tassel thing it dose not have to be neet or even just make it cute frilly and slightly like a ghost.

Step 3: Cut Your Ribbon and Take Half of Of the Feathers

You cut your ribbon in half and take half of you feathers and tie them together with half of the feathers. Then do it with the other half of the stuff. Tip: do not cut off the ends of the ribbon your cats will thank you!!!!!

Step 4: Finish It Up

for this part you can take my idea of how to attach the things to it and if you copy the picture that is OK.