Introduction: Thor's Mighty Odeon Hammer!

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Thor's Hammer! Don't you love Thor?

The Hammer, known as's a tutorial on how to make your own!

And just like the hero, Thor, you can summon lightning too!

(If you have a child's imagination)

Step 1: Supply List:

Here's the supply list:
18" to 20" PVC pipe


gray fabric (pillowcase in our case)

Brown paint

Twill tape

Gold cord

Hot Glue/Gun

Step 2: Begin With the Handle

We began by rigging the PVC pipe so we could paint it.

Used a shoelace and tied it to the ceiling fan.
Used the fan to help dry the paint!


Give the PVC 2 good coats of paint.

Step 3: Add Some Gold

Then we took some gold cord and hot glued it inside the pvc...

Twist and glue occasionally around the tube for decoration.

Wrap it off and hot glue the ends...

Step 4: Hammer Handle Strap!

We diluted some rubber stamping ink with alcohol and dabbed
it on twill tape to color it dark brown. Markers work too.

Thread the twill tape up inside the pvc pipe and tie the end off at the top.

Tie the ends at the top...leaving a loop at the bottom for holding and swinging!

Step 5: Striking Surface!

Now for the head of the hammer.
We took 3 layers of foam and cut them about 5 by 7" or so.

Hot glued them all together.

Then we wrapped them like a present in gray material.
We used an old pillowcase.

Wrap and hot glue as you go!
Try to make it symmetrical!

Started by gluing the top and the 2 big sides on.

Wrap and glue the 2 smaller sides like a present...

Leave the underside open, where the hammer stick is going to connect open.

Step 6: Boring...a Hole.

Bore out a hole in the center of the center piece of foam for the handle to fit inside.

Fill the hole with hot glue and pound the pvc pipe into it!

Then trim and wrap up the fabric around the handle...glue in place.

Fold and tuck and glue.

Step 7: Save the World!

"Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor."

The cool thing about this hammer, is it is sturdy and awesome...and I
don't have to tell anyone not to hit with it! It's fun to pound the kids with this hammer!

And it's held up surprisingly well--3 years now!

Check it out in all its awesome movie quality replica glory! :)

Fun for the Avenger/Thor/Comic book hero in your life!

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