Introduction: Thukpa

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Thukpa is a Tibetan noodle soup. It has been transformed into various versions through the years. Hot and spicy, full of veggies and meat, a fulfilling meal by itself. Let's get started!


1) Wheat Noodles
2) Chicken (boneless preferred)
3) Cabbage
4) Bell peppers
5) Spring onions
6) Carrots
7) Mushrooms
8) Green leaves (Spinach/Raddish leaves)
9) Chopped Garlic
10) Grated Ginger
11) Star anise
12) Red Tabasco sauce
13) Chilies
14) Salt
15) Oil

Step 1: Boil Noodles

Take a bowl of water and boil it. Add noodles to it, cook the noodles 3/4th and switch off the gas when they are soft enough. Drain and rinse under normal water and keep to dry.

Step 2: Cook Chicken

Take some water in a pressure cooker. Add boneless chicken along with chopped garlic, star anise and red tabasco. Boil and cook for 20 mins till chicken is cooked. Use only 1-2 star anise as it is strong. You can avoid it by using some spice masala.

Step 3: Chop Veggies

Wash all the veggies properly. Chop spring onions, grate the cabbage, chop medium size of bell peppers and carrots, slice the mushrooms, use full or chopped green leaves and grate the ginger. Chop chilies as per liking.

Step 4: Heat the Pan and Add Veggies

Take a big pan and heat it. Then add some oil to the heated pan. Saute grated ginger. Then add spring onions, cabbage and carrots along with chilies, stir them on high flame. Then add some bell peppers as they cook quick. Don't add mushrooms and green leaves at this stage. Add some salt and mix well.

Step 5: Add Chicken Broth and Noodles

Add the cooked chicken along with its tasty broth to the veggies. Now add the remaining veggies, mushrooms and green leaves. Add the noodles and stir well. Add salt or tabasco as per taste, if needed.

Step 6: Ready!

Voila! Serve the Thukpa hot. Tasty and healthy meal is ready!
Happy cooking!