Introduction: Tie Dye Babygrow

This is a really simple, fun activity for adults and children. You can tie dye most cotton white garments, I chose to vests and sleep suits for my little boy.

Step 1: Things You Will Need:

- White garments to dye

- Dye


-Protection for the work surface

-elastic bands

-bowl of water

optional: Sponges, brushes, Salt Resist

I made baby grows and vests, but you could use any type of clothing- Tie Dye socks anyone?!

You ideally want wash your garments before you dye them.

I used a Tie Dye kit from Amazon that you just add water to - Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit Med Moody Blues

(this is an affiliate link for the one I used)

We used a tarp to cover the table, but plastic bags would work. The dye gets everywhere so wear old clothing and gloves.

Step 2: The Dying Bit

This is all about experimenting and seeing what you like!

Their are lots of options depending on the finish you want. I had a number of different garments to experiment on. Some I started off wetting the garment (the colour doesn't take to it as much), others I sponged on the colour, I tied elastic bands on one to leave parts of it white.

The colour can be applied with a brush, sprayed straight onto the garment, dipped in or sponged on.

I like the sponge, it gives some nice ombre effects.

You can also use salt resist (to give the effect seen in the last picture- the green baby grow). The salt absorbs some of the dye. For this baby grow I just sprinkled it across the garment, but you can make shapes and patterns using the salt.


-If you want a different pattern on each side put a plastic bag in-between the front and the back of the garment

Step 3: Ta Da!

When you are done you want to wrap your garments in something to let the dye soak in (I put them in plastic bags for about ten hours), if you use salt you want to keep them flat for about 8-10 hours for the salt to work. Then you can brush off the salt and rinse. Before I put the vests in the washing machine I like to rinse them in the bath to get most of the dye off before putting them in the machine on a gentle wash... and ta da! you are done!

Here are some of the sleep suits and vests I dyed using the kit I linked.

This is a really simple activity that you can do on your own or with kids (should be suitable for 4+)

They look great under garments, here is my little one wearing one of his vests under his dungarees.