Introduction: Tie to Bow-tie Collar

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I seem to be a bit obsessed with ties as crafting material at the moment.
So here comes jet another tie-to project, this one being quite close to the original use.
In case you want to go to a fancy dress party after the lockdown, NOW is the time to make some fancy accessoire for your pet, too.
I have a dog, so my dog is my model. This works just as well for any other pet with a neck to put a collar around. 😀 (Please take photos of your exotic pets with bow-tie collars!)


- scraps of ties or just one tie

- sewing machine

- sewing needles

- clasp (mine was from a discarded rucksack)

- D-ring

Step 1: The Bowtie

You need two pieces of your tie. Fold the longer bit over and secure with one seam. Turn around, so that the fancy side is on the outside. In the middle fold the outer edges to the middle to create the folded look. Secure with a seam. Take the shorter piece of tie and form a little ring. secure with a seam and turn so that the fancy side is outside. Pull the ring over the bow and secure on the back with a few hand sewn stiches.


Step 2: The Collar

This is a simple collar which cannot be adjusted in size. For that I would have had to have another part, which I didn’t have (and do not know the name of). If you have an old collar, which you would throw out, dissemble it and reuse all the parts here to create a new and nice one.

I cut about half inch of the padding of the tie on both end, so that the seam wouldn‘t get too thick.
Fix the correct length with needles and secure with a seam.
I secured the D-ring with one seam on either side, so that it would stay in place.

Step 3: Bow to Collar

Almost there, only two more things to do.

First you need to decide on where on the collar you want the bow to be. I wanted it to be opposite the D-ring so that I would see the bow on the neck when my dog was on the leash. It would be nifty to set it to one side, too. Entirely your choice.
Last thing to do is to sew the bow to the collar. This is best achieved when you hand sew it.

Ready for a fancy party or just a little show off on the couch.... 🥰

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