Introduction: Last Minute Bling Ring

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How about a speedy instructable for the speed challenge?!

What if you need a ring - desperately- and there is no jewellery shop anywhere? (Or closed?)

Of course you make one!
So here is my quick and easy instructable on how to make bling rings from tape and rhinestones.


- duck tape (small)

- scotch tape

- washi tape (pattern of choice)

- rhinestones (with claspglue on)

Step 1: Measurements

Measure the circumference of the finger which needs a ring.
I used another ring, you could use a tape measure or maybe you know the circumference.

I took some scotch tape and taped it around the ring. I laid the tape flat and measured the length. 7cm in this case.

Step 2: Prep 1.0

Stick the duck tape onto a healing mat (or anywhere else where you can peel it off again). Add Washi tape of your liking on top. Leave equal space on top and bottom.
Peel the tape off and turn it over. Add another layer of Washi tape. This tape is the narrowest of the three tapes used. Stick it in the middle of the duck tape.

! Leave about one cm at one end without Washi tape. You need this to tape the ring in a ringform.!

Step 3: Prep 2.0 ( If You Glue the Rhinestone Onto the Ring - Skip!)

Add the bling!

I used rhinestones with a clasp (they are normally for adding bling to fabric) I pushed the clasp through the tapes in the middle of the tape.

Step 4: Closing the Ring

I did not take a picture of the closing, so I will explain it in more detail. Take the end of the tape where the inner Washi tape is taped to the duct tape to the very end. Pick it up and curl it to the other end. Place it right where the inner Washi tape ends and stick the tape into a ring.
Fold the upper edge into the ring and squeeze tightly. Repeat with the lower edge.
Finally add the rhinestones. Close the clasps.

Step 5: Glue Bling

In case you have rhinestones for glueing on, you should finish the rings first and then glue the bling on top.
Let the glue dry.

Wear the ring or make someone a beautiful present.


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