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I have been crafting as long as I can remember. I love sewing the most, but also love jewelry making, baking, painting and any kind of papercraft. I like to collect things I find on the beach and last but not least I am crazy about buttons and have a huge button collection. The buttonzebra in my profile picture is called Adelgunde after my Grandma.


100+ Comments Earned a bronze medal
10K+ Views Earned a bronze medal
Jewelry Challenge
Contest Winner Runner Up in the Jewelry Challenge
Silly Hats Speed Challenge
Contest Winner Second Prize in the Silly Hats Speed Challenge
Leather Contest 2017
Contest Winner Second Prize in the Leather Contest 2017
Sew Cool Contest
Contest Winner Runner Up in the Sew Cool Contest
Papercraft Contest 2017
Contest Winner Third Prize in the Papercraft Contest 2017

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