Introduction: Tiny Electric Guitar

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Hi everyone, i am new member to instructables community.

I like to make some miniatures in my hobby time. After seeing this tiny challenge,

I made this Tiny electric guitar.


Ice cream sticks (2 nos)

White chart




Art knife



Cutting pliers

Stapler Pins

Step 1: Draw the Basic Design

First join the sticks together. Take the chart paper. Draw the outline of the sticks.

Draw the guitar structure inside the outline.

Step 2: Cut Out the Design From the Sticks

First cut the design from the paper. Using this design draw the structure on the sticks.

Cut the structure from the sticks. For all cutting work use art knife.

Step 3: Cutting the Pins

Using cutting plier cut the stapler pins into small pieces. it is used to join the strings.

Now make small holes on the top of the guitar using art knife.

insert the pins into the holes and apply some glue to fix strongly.

Step 4: Add Some Colours

After fixing the pins use acrylic colours to paint the guitar. i used golden yellow, it's favourite color.

Step 5: Add Some Extra Details

Now its time to add some extra details. Take small pieces of sticks and paste it on the body part of the instrument.

Take another stapler pin. Make small holes on the bottom side and fix the pin into the holes.

Step 6: Making the Strings and Joinining

Take four pieces of thread. its height matches to the instrument.

Tie on every pins of the top portion. Extend the thread to the bottom and make a knot with the pin. apply some glue to fix strongly.

So finally we did it. Cheer up!!!!

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