Introduction: Tiny Frame for Tiny Photo

What could be more fitting for a baby picture than a baby picture frame?

Back when my kids were tiny, we got a lot of wallet size photos. Most of the photos sit in a file in a closet. We have photos and paintings and prints all over the house, so really no place to hang another, unless it was tiny. Then I could find space for it.

So I thought I could making a tiny picture frame for one of those tiny photos.


wood trim of small dimensions (e.g. 1 cm x 1 cm and 2 cm x 0.5 cm

wood glue

clamps for gluing steps

miter box

back saw

masking tape for gluing steps

paper for matte


Step 1: Find Your Photo

This is the wallet photo I had. To make it as tiny as I could, I decided I'd just use the portion of the photo with my daughter in it. But rather than cut it out now, I'll wait until the frame is made, and then cut the photo to fit.

Step 2: Gluing, Clamping, Sanding

I had some hardwood trim in a couple of sizes. One piece was blond and 2 cm x ½ cm. Another piece was dark and 1 cm x 1 cm. I glued them lengthwise to each other, with the edges flush on one side to make a piece of molding. Once dry, I sanded to remove any excess glue.

Step 3: Cut in Miter Box

I then cut four equal lengths with 45 degree angles at each end. (Make sure you cut your angles so they'll fit together to make the 90 degree corners.) Mine were 2 1/8" at longest edge, i.e. what will be the outside edge.

Step 4: Glued at Corners

I glued at the corners. I didn’t have a tiny clamp for this, so improvised with wood blocks and masking tape to keep the corner still while it dried. Then I glued the second corner and let dry. Then I glued the third and fourth corners at same time.

Step 5: Cut Matte and Photo to Fit Recessed Back of Frame

I sanded away in excess dried glue.

Now I had a frame with a recessed area on one side. I made a matte to fit into the recessed area. I used construction paper sold for scrapbooking.

I cut the photo to match the size of the matte. (little brother got cut out) I added another piece of matte to hold it the photo in and keep the photo flat.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Your tiny frame will fit just about anywhere.

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