Introduction: Tiny Miss La Sen Omamori

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The Miss La Sen is a girl figurine believed to bring good luck, protection, prosperity and wisdom.

Miss La Sen wears the seed syllable of Manjushri mantra. This is the root syllable of this mantra : “Dhi”.

The wisdom mantra of the Manjushri Bodhisattva is believed to enhance wisdom and increase the ability to learn.

Many foreign pupils love to own the Miss La Sen Omamori. It’s very simple to make your own Miss La Sen Omamori with our guide.

Step 1: Download This Pattern for the Tiny Miss La Sen Omamori.

Step 2: Print It in A4 Size Paper.

Step 3: Use the Felt Fabric, the String for the Omamori’s Knot, Thread, Needle, Glue Gun and Scissors.

Step 4: Take the Felt Fabric and Cut It Like the Picture. the Size of the Rectangle Is 5cm and 6cm.

Because the size of omamori is very small, you have to do it very carefully.

Step 5: Cut the Face on Felt Fabric.

Step 6: Cut the Headband on Red Felt Fabric.

Step 7: Cut the Bow on the Blue Felt Fabric.

Step 8: Cut the Mouse, Eyes, Flower, Cheeks on the Felt Fabric.

Step 9: You Use the Thread and Needle to Sew the Body of Omamori.

Step 10: Cut the Paper With the Content Inside Like the Picture.

In Miss La Sen’s bow, there is the Buddhist protective mantra symbol, it is Ksitigarbha bodhisattva mantra "HA" syllable.

Yellow Zambala symbol usually appears on Miss La Sen’s costume. Yellow Zambala is the God of Wealth who can bring money, treasure, wealth and finance to human beings in Tibet. Miss La Sen wears the lucky OM mantra at her flower on her right ear

Step 11: Fold the Content Paper Into 2 Parts Like the Picture.

Step 12: Insert the Content Paper Inside the Omamori.

Step 13: Cut the Face and Use the Glue Gun to Glue It on the Body of the Omamori.

Step 14: Cut the Black Hair on the Felt Fabric.

Step 15: Glue the Hair on the Face.

Step 16: Glue the Headband on the Hair.

Step 17: Glue the Bow and Flower, Eyes Like the Picture.

Step 18: Glue the Mouth.

Step 19: You Sew All the Pouch. Make the Tassel Knot, Then Insert the String. You Tie the Back of Pouch With a Simple Knot.

Step 20: Use the White Acrylic Pen to Make Up Her Eyes. Done

A Miss La Sen omamori is there to protect you, bring you the good luck and wisdom.

So the best way to use Miss La Sen omamori is to carry it around close to you. You can put it in the purse, pouch, bag…etc or hang it.