Introduction: Tokyo Ghoul Leather Mask

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Good Day! Makers, this is my first instructable that I've published.
Hope ya' all like it. It's how to make a leather mask based on the hit anime Tokyo Ghoul, this is the mask of Kaneki Ken modified version for protection from dust, smoke, and pollution and for a cool monstrosity kind of look.

Step 1: The Materials:

Materials used:
Red leather
black leather
piece of white cloth
zipper slider
black garter
Materials needed:
Sewing kit(needles, black and white string)
sign pen or any kind of ballpoint pen

Step 2: The How To:

first step:
get the piece of white cloth and draw teeth its either based on the teeth of Kaneki mask or based on your teeth, you decide.
Mine was based on my teeth so I had to make adjustments and it looks cool too!.
after you have your designed teeth, cut it out.

Step 3: Attaching the Teeth

after you've cut your designed teeth, sew it into the red leather using white string and sew the sewn teeth and leather into the zipper.
and I've add on a pattern for it to be precise.
you can also make a pattern for yourself.

Step 4: The Mask:

get your black leather and
base your pattern into the one I've made and make some adjustments base on the shape of your face.
and cut it out.

Step 5: Attaching the Mask Onto the Teeth

to attach the cut out red leather with your teeth and the , use black string to attach the two parts.

Step 6: Attaching the Black Garter Onto the Mask

First cut out 2pcs. 5cm garter strips,2pcs. 3.5 cm and 2pcs. 12 cm garter strips.
in attaching the garter into the mask first prepare two strips of black leather and sew it into the side of the mask and sew the 5cm garter on top of it.
then sew the 12 cm on the side of the garter strips after that sew the 3.5 cm on top of the middle side of the 5cm garter strip and the other on the 12 cm (as shown in the picture above).

Step 7: You're Done!

nothing much to do here but sulk in the coolness of what you've done and you can wear it on public for protection and for costume.

plus it looks cool too.

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