Introduction: Tomato Pulao

-Tomato pulao is delicious one pot meal perfect for lunch.

-Here tomatoes and onions blended with spices mixed in rice gives nice flavour.


- 2 cups rice of any variety basmati or sona masoori

-One finely chopped onion

-3 sliced tomatoes

-shahjeera(black cumin)

-small inch cinnamon

-2 cloves

-2 cardamom

-bay leaf

-2 to3 green chillies

-Tsp of ginger garlic paste

-pinch of turmeric powder

-Tsp of coriander powder

-Tsp of garam masala powder(optional)

-salt as per taste

-Grated carrot and spring onions for garnishing

-cooking oil

Step 1: Sauteing

-Take a wide vessel and add little oil. when oil is heated add black cumin seeds.when they splutter add cinnamon stick, 2 cloves 2 cardamom and bay leaf

Step 2: Add Green Chillies and Diced Onions

-Next add green chillies,diced onions and cook for some time

Step 3: Add Turmeric and Ginger Garlic Paste

-Add pinch of turmeric and a tsp of ginger garlic paste and cook till raw smell of ginger leaves.

Step 4: Add Tomatoes

-Next add tomatoes and cook until they become mushy.

Step 5: Add Spices

-When tomatoes become mushy its time to add all spices a tsp of coriander powder,a tsp of garam masala powder(optional) and salt as per taste

Step 6: Add Soaked Rice

-We need to soak the rice atleast 1hour before starting the procedure.

-For basmati rice we need to add 3 cups of water for 2 cups of rice

-Add soaked rice to above tomato spice mixture and mix everything.

Step 7: Cook the Rice

-Now add water to it (2 cups rice-3 cups water for basmati) and cook rice in same vessel by closing lid mixing in intervals.

-Water quantity will be sufficient as tomatoes oozes little water.If needed add very little extra water.

Step 8: Garnishing

-Once rice is cooked garnish with grated carrot and spring onions.

-Tomato rice goes well with raita

Ingredients for raita

-one cup curd

-Few sliced onions

-pinch of chat masala

-pinch of red chilli powder and cumin powder

-salt as per taste

-dry curry leaves to garnish(optional)

Step 9: Procedure for Raita

-Take a cup of curd and add few chopped onions

-Add pinch of chat masala,red chilli cumin powder and salt as per taste

-Garnish with dry curry leaves

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