Introduction: Towel Holder From a Sweater Sleeve

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Ever wanted a towel holder for your oven, but don't want to spend money on buying one? Here's a simple and fast way to create one out of an old sweater! Let's get started!


  • Sweater
  • Button
  • Elastic
  • Sewing machine
  • Embroidery thread

Step 1: Mark the Cut Line

About halfway up the sleeve, mark a straight line.

Step 2: Cut the Sleeve

Cut on the line that you marked in the previous step. Set the rest of the sweater aside.

Step 3: Sew the Cut Edge of the Sweater

On the cut edge of the sweater, sew about half an inch in. Make sure to not sew through the other side of the sweater.

Step 4: Sew the Elastic

While stretching the elastic with one hand, sew the elastic over the sewed line that you covered in the last step. Now, the sweater should look like the picture above.

Step 5: Place the Elastic Band for the Button

Cut a piece of elastic band about an inch long, and place it on the other end of the sweater.

Step 6: Pin the Elastic Band

Pin the little elastic band to the sweater about 2 and 1/2 inches in.

Step 7: Sew the Left Side of the Elastic Band

On the left side of the elastic band, sew 4-5 stitches in.

Step 8: Sew the Right Side of the Elastic Band

On the right side of the elastic band, sew 4-5 stitches in.

Step 9: Place the Button

On the opposite side from the elastic band sewn in the last step, place a medium size button about 2 and 1/2 inches into the end of the sweater.

Step 10: Sew the Button to the Sweater

Using the embroidery thread, sew from the top right hole to the bottom left hole of the button. Then sew from the top left hole to the bottom right hole of the button. Repeat this step one more time.

Step 11: Fold and Button the Towel Holder

Fold the uncut end of the sweater sleeve so that the little elastic piece is hidden underneath the folds. Pass your towel through the sleeve. The towel should barely poke out of the end of the sleeve that has elastic sewn onto it. The towel holder should button together like the second picture above.

Step 12: Finish by Putting It on Your Oven!

Put the sleeve around the oven handle and button it together. Now, you have finished your towel holder! Hope it will be useful to you!

Thanks for looking at my instructable!

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