Introduction: Toy Trash Bin

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The Bruder side loading garbage truck comes with two trash cans, but you need a few more receptacles for a good trash run. This instructable shows how to 3d print a can compatible with the Bruder side lifting system.

Step 1:

Parts required include a 3d printed can, 3d printed lid and two 2-56 x 7/16 screws.

Step 2:

After clearing the 3d support material from the lid and can, secure the lid using the 2-56 x 7/16 inch screws.

Step 3:

The lifting arm can grab the handle of the can.

Step 4:

The can and lid fit in the truck opening and the lid flops open, allowing the trash to fall into the truck.

Step 5:

I included the design file (Fusion 360) for the lid so that the word "Recycle" can be changed to anything desired.

With the addition of a few cans, the truck can now clean all the trash from the streets of your playroom's city.

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