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Imagine a toy that entertains without a screen, batteries, or sound. That promotes imagination, that is portable, personal and of course adorable. I saw these on Etsy for sale, they can cost hundreds of dollars. I checked out Pinterest and found a diy version at How to Make a Travel Dollhouse. I couldn’t wait to make one, strike that I made two.

I collect tin lunchboxes, so I knew I wanted to use a regular, used lunchbox for my traveling dollhouse. Although these are called travel dollhouses. If you have kids that visit once in a while I think they would be great to have for when the come over to visit. Store on a shelf until you have company.

I made these two traveling dollhouse for an upcoming trip with my 5 year old grandson and his 4 year cousin, my sister and niece.

A little idea that can engage little ones big imaginations.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

A lunchbox (I found mine at a thrift store 2.95 apiece)

Scrapbooking paper, Sticker, Felt

Scissors, Tape, Rubber Cement, Ruler, Furniture stain,

Mini clothespins, Twine

Miniature Characters - I used Lil Woodzeez from Target

Miniature Items- I ordered most from WISH

I found miniature wooden furniture at the Dollar Tree

I stained the sideboard and table and chairs.

Step 2: Choosing the Theme

I wanted to make these dollhouses personal for the kids.

My grandson Alister went on a camping trip last summer with his Papa to Mammoth, so I chose a camping theme. The background is a picture on where they camped.

My niece Kaylee is a girly girl that loves being outside playing. Her theme is a garden.

Each box has special things that are just for them.

Step 3: Decorating the Boxes

I started by cleaning the outside of the boxes and pounding out a few dents. Added stickers to the outside and their names. Moving on to the inside of the box I measured the inside of the lid and used green felt. This one is the camping box. The background is their campsite. The picture on the side of the box is a bear in a tree. During the trip they woke to hear a dog barking running around a tree. There was a bear in the tree.

I used felt on the inside of the box so that it is very quiet to play with.

Once the everything was dry I assembled all the little goodies I had bought. I originally was going to include a little tent and a sleeping bag for the champing box, didn't have enough room. Now everything fits inside the box when it is closed.

Step 4: The Finished Camping Travel Dollhouse

The camping set includes the fishing cat, boat oars, fishing pole, fish, jar or worms, I added the campsite, camp stove, food, cookware picnic table and chairs, extra character, and these little bunnies. Some of the little food I included are erasers.

Step 5: Welcome to the Kaylee's Garden

I started with the green felt for the garden floor. The personal touches for Kaylee I made a banner for the back wall and a sign for the garden. The garden sign came without I background I made an inset sign by using a powerpoint template added the black rectangle and wrote in white letters and glued it on. Next I made the little banner the same way. Glued the banner pieces to a piece of twine. I found the little clothespins at the Dollar Store.

Step 6: The Finished Garden Travel Dollhouse

The project was so much fun to make.

Step 7:

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