Introduction: Turn It to Your Style!

About: I do alot of arts and crafts, when theirs something i really want to make and i can't do it, it bothers me till i make it.

Hello all! I thought to just share something that might be useful. Aaaaaaand that is!--

Changing jackets, pants, shirts and all into your style of fashion! Now, this isn't really a tutorial, but more of just a inspiration for some tips and tricks and just some ideas really.

But with out further do, I will show you some of the jackets I redid to my style. (I'm a jacket lover so I'm sorry (*´ω`*) but! I have done some pants in the past and other things! In which I will tell you all about that in the last part! I will also give some links for more ideas to help! (*´∀`*)

Step 1: Pins, Patches Painting Oh My!

Jackets galore! Haha-- anyways. Here are some shots of some that i made. The Pink one I made just a few days ago, I used a old t-shirt I found at the thrift store and I guess it's a actual brand .-. called 'Dumpe Fresh' but After a few washes it started to shrink and I couldn't really fit it anymore! >A< I loved it though and I really liked how Colorful and Vibrant it was! So for awhile it was stuck in my closet until I finally ordered a Dyed Denim jacket. (Now I know you might be thinking...Why didn't I just dye it myself? Well, I live in a apartment and my mom will not let me dye anything! And personally I get scared that I will ruin the carpet too (*´-`*) ... Which is why I bought a hand dyed Denim jacket.) [[ This is the shop I got it from. <3 ]]

But for awhile I've always wanted to make a anime/pastel/fairy kei like jacket, but still have a punk-ish feel to it (but a girly one) So I ended up using the t-shit for the back part and a old piece of lace table cloth for the top. The patches I ended up making (and actually made a lot) and to be honest here, it's still not finished. I used part of the t-shirt to make some of the patches and a old piece of left over jean fabric from me cutting my pants to make into shorts. I also added some pins in which I got from this amazing etsy shop! I love her pins and mostly get my anime ones from her. [[Here's the link to her shop, on her etsy she changed to storeenvy shop but I would still recommend her shop! so check it out! ]]]


Moving on to my Hollywood Udead one, it was a plain white jacket I got at a yard sale ฅ(*°ω°*ฅ) (Score~) but it was to white and plain for my taste but I really loved how the jacket looked, so...I added stuff to it. The black sleeve is part of a old scarf I liked and on the other was a bandana I really liked also. Now at this time I really liked K-pop! > v < so I painted the band names on it along with some stars and all. HOW EVER i got the style of the black squares from a anime character called death the kid from a anime show called Soul Eater. But, there was still a spot in the back that I didn't like, so that is when I put the Hollywood Undead logo on it along with some studs and paint splattered onto it! ((I will have to say though, I gave this away to a White Elephant party and someone won it. ^7^ lol. So I no longer have this jacket. ]]


Lastly my Joker jacket! This was my first jacket I done and make into a more punk style. I really really liked the punk style a lot and loved the jackets and the bands. Though I was in my own Joker fan phase when making it xD (Don't get me wrong though, The Joker is still my favorite and all and I would die if I lost this jacket, I also made a video of me painting the Joker on the back: LINK right here and sorry for the bad quality! :

How ever, I got the 3 patches from a site called Angry Young and Poor. They got really good patches and studs! The other patches I made myself, and the Joki one is a old Loot Crate Shirt that my brother gave me. I thought it would be perfect on the jacket xD Though, Safety pins always adds a nice touch! Alwaaaays plus they can come in handy and sometimes be a life safer.

Now I do have to say, if you make your own patches you can put what ever you want, you can put lyrics to a song you like, have a simple word on it that you like or put a band logo, what ever you want. ヽ(*>∇<)ノ And like what I did with my other purple jacket, You can use T-Shirts from thrift stores to use as back patches! Or you can use a shirt that you like but can no longer wear and use it as a patch.

(( Or make a pillow out of it ^_^ ))

Step 2: A Vest Made From Jeans/pants? WHAT!?

This was made from a pair of pants I loved a lot but they had a tear in the crotch area .~. and for the longest time I never knew q A q (so it was a bit embarrassing thinking about the times I wore it with out noticing the big hole in it.) But, I found this video in which was very very helpful!!!! I didn't know you could do such a thing XD

How ever I did a test... If your a Small person (Meaning in body size) Using Female pants might be better, how ever, if your a Size Medium and or a Large, Men's jeans are perfect for turning into a vest. And or if you use wide female pants then that will work also :P Skinny jeans don't work too well >< haha.

Step 3: Can You Redo Leather Jackets???

Yes!!! Of course you can!! As you can see, these are the ones I did. And to be honest here, I'm scared to work with leather jackets because I think I'll ruin them xD haha. But yes, you can indeed redo leather jackets and add your own style to it. If you want to glue things onto it (like how I did with the lace and red gems) I would suggest using E6000 glue. You can always paint on it also! Elmers paint pens work pretty well and stay well too. You can add studs also! How ever, depending on your jacket...If it's real leather or fake. Some can be really thick and hard to put a needle through. Even to add pin back buttons. Just a little note~ ^7^

Here's a video to help out with studding a leather jacket.

Also here is me working on the leather one that is pastel goth like inspired .~.

Step 4: What Else Can You Do Besides Jackets???

TONS MAN! Haha xD You can turn your T-Shirts into Pillows and jackets as well as to use them as patches! You can take apart old costume jewelry and add them onto something else or make it into a nicer piece of jewelry Like how did with a Japa/Mala necklace I made my mother for her Birthday. You can also use broken charms that still look nice enough and turn them into a choker, or bracelet or add it to a necklace.

Here are some helpful links to give some ideas on how to redo and re use some of things into your style.

This one would be really helpful!

I hope this all helps! Feel free to ask questions! And Rock your style! ฅ(*°ω°*ฅ)