Introduction: Turn a KinderJoy Egg Into a Strawberry!

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Gearing up for a strawberry-themed party? Or just want to step up some KinderJoy eggs (which are already fun with their little prizes)?

Make these DIY strawberry KinderJoy eggs!

I'm not the first person to make a DIY strawberry egg, but I hope you enjoy this spin!


  • KinderJoy egg
  • red tissue paper
  • liquid glue
  • green curling ribbon
  • scissors
  • hot glue might also be helpful, but I didn't use it on this project

Step 1: Glue

After you've cut small pieces of tissue paper, glue them onto the egg.

I smeared glue on the egg, then applied the tissue paper. Add glue & smooth edges as necessary.

To make drying easier, you might try completing one side at a time. Don't forget to overlap at the seams.

Step 2: Strawberry Caps

Cut 4-5 lengths of green ribbon. Or how ever many you'd like.

Curl both sides of each ribbon.

Step 3: Attach the Cap

Glue the ribbons onto the wide end of the KinderJoy egg.

You can glue them onto the egg one at a time, or glue them together before adding them onto the egg.

I used Elmer's glue, but hot glue might be easier.

Step 4: Enjoy

Enjoy these "strawberries"!

Give them out as favors for a strawberry-themed party, use them for Easter, or use them how you want.

If you make these, don't forget to share them with @thefischlife & @Instructables on Instagram!

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