Introduction: Universal Laptop/carry Case Secret Compartment - (Made for a Contest Long Lost)

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Almost every laptop bag or back pack has a removable partition or a stiff rectangular base covered in some water proof durable material.

It can be used as a secret backup emergency money bank, so that even if your forgot your wallet/purse home,you don't need borrow or skip lunch at the office.

I generally found that the pieces with Velcro on the sides are generally adjustable and removable. The bottom stiff panel inside your bag can also be used.

Things needed
- Laptop bag with stiff base or adjustable holders
- Money
- Very sharp Blade
- Adhesive

Delicately cut along the stitches underneath the Velcro so that it stays conveniently hidden (DONT cut the stitches as its a dead giveaway that some alteration has happened,as the stitches made were by machines and not easy to replicate by hand).
Fold the money and place it inside.Remove a layer of sponge from inside if it seems to bulgy.
Paste it with adhesive and let it dry.
Place it back and use your bag normally.
Upon emergency just use a blade or a pair of scissors or even a sharp pencil to reach your hidden bank.

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